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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Morning Confusion!

I wish someone would compile a list of all the Republican sins during the last twenty years, starting with their hounding of Clinton during his term, (Whitewater, etc. etc.) and then the Bush years where they started illegal wars and turned the U.S. into a quasi police state, and what they are now doing to Obama.
Believe me folks, if you were to see this list you would realize that Dick Chenney is not the only one who should be charged with treason and war crimes!
And what brought this all about, you ask?
After eight months of trying, Democrats are still struggling to move past last September's terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, which killed ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.
Steady drips of more leaked information about that night in Libya are fueling Republican arguments and ads designed to fire up the conservative base and undercut the Democrats' early favorite for president in 2016.
Friday brought another round of conservative broadsides against Clinton, Obama and the administration's handling of the Benghazi matter. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a possible Republican presidential contender, wrote an opinion piece in The Washington Times restating his view that Obama should have fired Clinton.
Campaigning later in Iowa, Paul said he thinks the Benghazi affair "precludes Hillary Clinton from ever holding office."
(At least we're sure she is an American citizen!!!!!)


Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced new criteria for sponsoring parents and grandparents to come to Canada today that are aimed at ensuring elderly immigrants don't end up on welfare or in social housing.
Kenney said the number of older immigrants allowed into Canada must be limited because of the burden they place on the health-care system and other social resources. A set of grandparents could cost the system $400,000, he noted.
"We want to permit a responsible degree of family reunification at the amount we can afford," he said.
Aside from health-care costs, Kenney said a growing number of sponsored seniors are ending up on welfare and this is a concern to the government. The sponsoring family must cover income support costs for the first 10 years of residency, but after that, Kenney says more than 25 per cent are receiving welfare benefits.
"That's just not right. That's an abuse of Canada's generosity," Kenney said.


Once believed to be a contender to displace the B.C. Liberal Party against the front-running New Democrats in next week’s provincial election, the BC Conservatives now face grim returns at the ballot boxes, say a former party member and a political expert.
The rise and fall of the provincial Tories has been rapid — Elections BC numbers state the party had only two per cent of the popular vote during the 2009 election, yet the party sat nearly neck-and-neck in the polls with the Liberals three years later.
But the gains were short-lived, superficial and counterproductive, said John Martin, a former Conservative candidate now running under the Liberal banner.
“They’ve just been having a disaster of a campaign,” he said. “They’re not going to win a seat.”


CALGARY – There is no longer a threat of Quebec independence because Quebecers have become “addicted” to transfer payments from other provinces, former media baron Conrad Black said Friday.
Speaking at a sold-out luncheon at the Calgary Petroleum Club, Black said there is less support now for Quebec sovereignty than there was 30 years ago.
“It was the case then that you couldn’t really govern in Canada, you couldn’t form a government in Canada, without reasonably strong representation from Quebec,” Black said.
“That has changed because of demographics and, to a degree, economics,” he said, adding, “I don’t think there’s any serious danger of Quebec seceding.”
Black said that as tedious as the process was at the time, the federal government was able eventually to make Quebec reliant on the federal transfer payment system through good-faith negotiations.
“It wore Quebec down and it enabled this transfer payment system to addict the French Quebec nationalists to receiving money so they could run an all-white-collar economy.”
Black said the Quebec government of Pauline Marois is trying to talk a good game on sovereignty, but he believes the support and will for independence just aren’t there.
“They just can’t cut it. They’ve made the deal. They’ll go through their pretence of a semi-autonomous state and they’ve taken the addictive bribe and they aren’t threatening to break up the country.”


The flying car has long tantalized the imaginations of people everywhere. A recent test flight by a Massachusetts company’s airborne vehicle had an unfortunate experience on Friday, when their flying car crashed into a tree just outside a Canadian elementary school.

The Globe and Mail reports that the flying car, dubbed the Maverick, had two passengers inside the flying car who were injured in the crash, but are expected to recover. No one else was hurt in the incident, which reportedly occurred just before 9am, local time.

Injured were George J. Jetson and his son Elroy, of Orbit City!


OCHRE BEACH, Man. — One minute, cottage owners on the southern shore of Manitoba’s Dauphin Lake were cooking on their barbecues, admiring the views across the still-frozen ice.
The next minute, that ice was rumbling up the shore like a giant nine-metre-high bulldozer, tearing apart their decks, then slicing through some homes and tipping others on their sides.
“The whole thing happened in about ten minutes,” said Clayton Watts, the deputy reeve of the Rural Municipality of Ochre River.
“We had people barbecueing on their decks. They turned around to go inside to get something, they came back out and their decks were ripping apart,” he added.
“It was like a freight train coming through, they say.”
Watts said strong winds with gusts up to 90 kilometres per hour forced the ice onto the shore at Ochre Beach, one of a couple of beaches that make up the summer community that’s about 200 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg.