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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Terrible Tuesdays!

Dear Readers:

I got dressed this morning and put on a pair of green pants, green underwear, and green socks, as well as a reddish type shirt. I am either at the height of fashion ......, or ready for Christmas!
I'm just not sure which!


WELL, WELL, looks like he pulled a Rob Ford, folks: Czech Republic, president’s swaying public appearance prompts mockery!
Was he or wasn’t he?  Video footage showed the new Czech president clearly worse for wear, propping himself up against a wall at a public event, struggling to negotiate a step and being aided by a cardinal.
Milos Zeman makes no secret of his drinking. But on this occasion – a rare and highly-ceremonial public display of the Czech crown jewels last week – his office insisted he simply had a virus and subsequently needed a day or two of rest.


Authorities have charged a man who officers say had an overnight feast in a closed supermarket.
The manager of a ValuMat says he found 57 empty whipped cream cans in the garbage when he arrived Monday morning.
Police reported 30-year-old Trevor Runyon was charged after he was found in the ceiling of the store.
Surveillance video from the store showed that Runyon cooked and ate six steaks, washed them down with beer and then topped off his meal with shrimp and birthday cake.
Police say Runyon slipped into the store and hid while employees closed it for the night.


VANCOUVER – Voters in British Columbia go to the polls today in what was the provincial New Democrats’ election to lose.
It was the Liberals’ to survive — early polls suggested the best they could hope for was to save their party and prevent a rout in a province known for not just voting governments out of power, but sending them into political purgatory.


Bacteria that live in the gut have been used to reverse obesity and Type-2 diabetes in animal studies.
Research, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that a broth containing a single species of bacteria could dramatically alter the health of obese mice.
It is thought to change the gut lining and the way food is absorbed.
Similar tests now need to be take place in people to see if the same bacteria can be used to shed the pounds.


Joyce Brothers, the pop psychologist who pioneered the television advice show in the 1950s and enjoyed a long and prolific career as a syndicated columnist, author, and television and film personality, has died. She was 85.
Brothers died Monday in New York City, according to her long-time publicist, Sanford Brokaw. The cause of death was not immediately made public.
Brothers first gained fame on a game show and went on to publish 15 books and make cameo appearances on popular shows including Happy Days and The Simpsons. She visited Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show nearly 100 times.


Bus beheader Vince Li should be allowed to go to the beach: doctor!
Li was initially confined to a locked wing of the hospital, but in 2010 was granted the right to escorted walks on hospital grounds. Last year, he was given the right to escorted daytime trips into Selkirk. He had to be accompanied at all times by a security guard and a staff member.
Kremer and other members of Li’s treatment team suggested Monday that Li be given more trips. They said he should be allowed to go to Winnipeg under the same supervision. He should also be allowed to go to Selkirk, Lockport and nearby beaches under more relaxed, group supervision, they suggested.



Iran is to chair the United Nations’ most important disarmament conference just days after Washington imposed more sanctions on the rogue nuclear state.
Iran will assume the position only weeks after blocking a major UN initiative that would have been the world’s first treaty to control the $60-billion a year arms trade and as the country stands accused of supplying rockets to Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.
“This is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of a women’s shelter,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a Geneva based non-governmental organization which monitors the United Nations.