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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thursday stuff!

Did Michael Jackson like kids?

Did Michael Jackson molest kids?
Here we have to be careful, because he was never convicted in a court of law!
Are certain people still trying to cash in on all the notoriety?
Oh yes!

A choreographer and television personality who was a key witness in Michael Jackson's successful defence against child molestation charges is seeking permission to file a claim against the singer's estate alleging the pop superstar sexually abused him as a child, court records and an attorney said.
Wade Robson was abused by Jackson during a seven-year period, the choreographer's attorney, Henry Gradstein, wrote in a statement Wednesday. The attorney said Robson, 30, suffered a breakdown last year but has not stated how much his client is seeking to recoup from Jackson's estate if a judge permits him to pursue his abuse allegations.

Michael Jackson had something very wrong going on inside him, but as long as there is money in the estate, there will be people trying to get some of it!
End of Story!


A woman allegedly slapped a Sacramento County deputy in order to get arrested. Why? So she would go to jail and be forced to give up smoking cigarettes.
CBS-Sacramento reports that Deputy Matt Campoy was leaving his shift when he felt a slap across his face.
"It was totally unprovoked," said Campoy. "She stepped into me and slapped me in the face."
Etta Lopez, 31, was arrested immediately, according to CBS-Sacramento. The station reports that Lopez sat in front of the jail for hours before allegedly slapping Campoy.
“She told us that she needed to quit smoking,” Campoy told CBS-Sacramento. "She explained it with great detail as to why.”
Lopez is being held in Sacramento County Jail on assault charges. And, yes, the jail is smoke-free, according to CBS-Sacramento.


Pop singers Justin Bieber and Avril Lavigne, hockey star Sidney Crosby and CBC journalist Amanda Lang are among the high-profile faces tapped by Hello Canada for its 50 Most Beautiful list for 2013.
The Canadian celebrity magazine released its latest tally of the country's most comely figures on Thursday.
"Unveiling our annual Most Beautiful issue is as thrilling as giving a close friend a big, beautiful birthday present," editor in chief Alison Eastwood said in a statement. "This year is especially exciting."
Los Angeles-based Lavigne, who recently released Here's To Never Growing Up, the debut track off her forthcoming fifth album, appears on the cover of the new issue and is featured in a photo spread inside.
Along with Lang, CBC personalities listed include George Stroumboulopoulos and actors David Sutcliffe and Pascale Hutton —from CBC-TV dramas Cracked and Arctic Air, respectively.

  • Arrow actor Stephen Amell (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Arrested Development actor Will Arnett (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Singer Justin Bieber (Hometown: Stratford, Ont.)
  • Baby Daddy actor Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Hometown: Vancouver)
  • Singer Dean Brody (Hometown: Jaffray, B.C.)
  • Singer Michael Bublé (Hometown: Burnaby, B.C.)
  • Hockey player Sidney Crosby (Hometown: Cole Harbour, N.S.)
  • Bomb Girls actor Antonio Cupo (Hometown: Vancouver)
  • Singer Victoria Duffield (Hometown: Abbotsford, B.C.)
  • Singer Matt Dusk (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Castle actor Nathan Fillion (Hometown: Edmonton)
  • Radio host Mitsou Gélinas (Hometown: Montreal)
  • Actor Ryan Gosling (Hometown: Cornwall, Ont.)
  • Actor Pascale Hutton (Hometown: Creston, B.C.)
  • Singer Carly Rae Jepsen (Hometown: Mission, B.C.)
  • Singer Sean Jones (Hometown: Toronto)
  • TV host Tanya Kim (Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.)
  • Seed actor Adam Korson (Hometown: Thornhill, Ont.)
  • Beauty and the Beast actor Kristin Kreuk (Hometown: Vancouver)
  • TV host, journalist Amanda Lang (Hometown: Ottawa)
  • Singer Avril Lavigne (Hometown: Napanee, Ont.)
  • Actor Dan Levy (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Singer Raine Maida (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Actor Rachel McAdams (Hometown: St. Thomas, Ont.)
  • Hemlock Grove actor Kandyse McClure (Hometown: Vancouver)
  • TV host Tracy Moore (Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ont.)
  • Model Ashley Diana Morris (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Singer Alanis Morissette (Hometown: Ottawa)
  • Rookie Blue actor Enuka Okuma (Hometown: Vancouver)
  • Actor Ellen Page (Hometown: Halifax)
  • Mad Men actor Jessica Paré (Hometown: Montreal)
  • Actor Jason Priestley (Hometown: Vancouver)
  • Tennis player Milos Raonic (Hometown: Thornhill, Ont.)
  • TV host Lisa Ray (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Actor Ryan Reynolds (Hometown: Vancouver)
  • Singer Ed Robertson (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Dancer Sonia Rodriguez (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Lost Girl actor Anna Silk (Hometown: Fredericton)
  • New Girl actor Hannah Simone (Hometown: Calgary)
  • How I Met Your Mother actor Cobie Smulders (Hometown: Vancouver)
  • Actor Scott Speedman (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Model Jessica Stam (Hometown: Kincardine, Ont.)
  • TV host George Stroumboulopoulos (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Cracked actor David Sutcliffe (Hometown: Saskatoon)
  • Singer Shania Twain (Hometown: Timmins, Ont.)
  • Revenge actor Emily VanCamp (Hometown: Port Perry, Ont.)
  • Chef Cory Vitiello (Hometown: Brantford, Ont.)
  • TV reporter Roz Weston (Hometown: Acton, Ont.)
  • The Carrie Diaries actor Ellen Wong (Hometown: Toronto)
  • Actor Kevin Zegers (Hometown: Woodstock, Ont.)

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    VICTORIA -- With cold winters and less than tropical summers most Canadians don't think of planting lemon or olive trees in their backyards. But thanks to global warming, farmer Bob Duncan has been growing a piece of the subtropics on Vancouver Island for 20 years.
    Duncan and his wife Verna, who own Fruit Trees and More Nursery, bought their property in North Saanich with the intention of growing fruit trees. While they initially focused on temperate fruits like apples, pears, peaches, cherries and apricots, the couple has had thousands of customers interested in growing lemons and other produce common in the Mediterranean.
    "I think it is within reach of every homeowner right now living on the south coast of British Columbia to grow their own citrus and these other types of Mediterranean and subtropical fruits," said Duncan.
    According to the nursery owner, it is not the warmer summers that are allowing the growth of Mediterranean and subtropical fruits; rather, it's the milder winters.

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