After watching a “Discovery” show yesterday about how apes and monkeys don’t hear music, (It just sounds like noise to them, and they would rather have it quiet!) I got this REALLY, REALLY GREAT IDEA for a science fiction movie!
I don’t know who to send it to, or how to promote it…….., so I will just publish it here as proof that it’s my idea!
(Here is a rough draft of the storyboard)

In spite of all the contemptible things these puny human beings are, their one redeeming factor is their ability to produce music!As far as we can tell, nowhere else in the Universe is this magnificent ability shared! 
Oh, there are a few races who can keep time to a certain extent, and some who even had a vague sense of melody, but most of their compositions ended up sounding like a Frank Zappa song. (An avant garde musician who made a minor name for himself in the later half of the twentieth century!)
 No, I have to say that the only group capable of moving the hearts and minds of nearly everyone in the Galaxy with their ability to make truly beautiful music are the Terrans, from the Solarian System.
(For anyone interested in turning this idea into a book or a movie, I will be very reasonable with the “rights!” –