Dear Readers:
Your humble reporter was just reading an article about the United States called: “Ten things that are wrong with the United States!”
It had stuff in there about how money and lobbyists control government, how the war on terror is eroding civil liberties, how big banks screw everyone but are too big to fail, how this and how that………………………., BUT!
While there was nothing about unions, or feminists or minorities, there was a lot to say about how the LGBT Community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual) is being hard done by!
Look folks, I don’t give a shit about gay rights, or gay marriage, or the gay movement in general.
For all I care they can piss off and go back into the closet……., or walk down my street in full drag…….., or just behave normally like my next door neighbour George!
What I don’t like is having gay issues shoved down my throat every time I turn around!
Why can’t they just go out and get married………., and then be miserable like the rest of us!