Hold on a minute, boys and girls!
Remember, we are talking about Newfoundland………………., not Toronto or Las Vegas.
A derelict house in Corner Brook that was once home to about 200 cats was demolished on Thursday.
Neighbours stood on their patios, and some even climbed onto their rooftops to watch the so-called ‘cat house’ at 6 McWhirter’s Lane crumble to the ground.
The city of Corner Brook was given permission to tear down the house in May, a year after a large number of cats escaped from the residence.
Doris Cormier says she's relieved that 6 McWhirter's Lane has finally been demolished.Police, animal control officers and the SPCA had to eventually round up and remove the animals from the area.
A small shed on the property, deemed to be an immediate health risk, was demolished by environmental consultants a year ago.
Neighbours Keith and Doris Cormier had ongoing correspondence with city officials about the cat-hoarding problem since 2008.
The Cormiers feared the stink and cat feces was depressing the value of their property.“It’s been very time consuming … it’s been awful,” said Doris Cormier.
Doris Cormier says she’s relieved that 6 McWhirter’s Lane has finally been demolished. (CBC)
“It was always there in the background. We always knew we had to keep on top of things … we just knew that nothing would ever happen with the property.”
After Thursday’s demolition, Doris Cormier said she’s relieved that the house — and the ordeal — is finally over.
“Well, hopefully now we’ll be able to enjoy our property again,” she said.
“We will be able to go outside without having to worry about smell and flies and cats running around all over the place. It’s going to be wonderful, actually.”
The debris is being trucked to the local dump, where it will be buried.
It’s not clear what the property owner, Chris Green, plans to do with the land.