Unfortunately, I was not only mistaken, but even sadly deluded if I had any thoughts of a rapprochement between these old enemies.

Just like an old dog learning new tricks, or a tiger changing it’s stripes, or a leopard changing it’s spots, or an elephant losing his trunk at the airport, or a ………, well you get the idea. This was not to be!
The PROBLEM, my friends, goes right back to the very nature of the Russian psyche, as demonstrated by this latest flap between Vlad and Robert Kraft (Owner of the New England Patriots) over his Super Bowl ring.
Facing what he drolly called a “complicated international problem,” Vladimir Putin says he’s ready to give the New England Patriots‘ owner custom jewelry to compensate for the Super Bowl ring that some imply the Russian president pocketed.
(The Super Bowl ring changed hands in 2005 when Robert Kraft was visiting Putin with a business delegation. At the time, he said he gave it as a gift, but last week he was quoted by the New York Post as saying Putin just took it.)
Yes, that’s right kids, Vladimir, like any common thief, just took the ring, and Robert Kraft had to say it was a gift to avoid any diplomatic repercussions.
Well boys and girls, Robert has had time to think about it, and stew about it, and fume about it, and now decided that he won’t let Vlad get away with it!
Which leads us to the question, WAS THE RING REALLY STOLEN?
Of course it was, and here is why!
Putin said at an economic forum Friday he didn’t remember Kraft or the ring. But “if it is so valuable to him,” Putin would order a piece of jewelry of precious metal and stones be made for Kraft.
Folks, Putin remembers alright, and if the ring wasn’t such a trophy for him he would have just given it back, instead of all the bullshit about having some other piece of jewellery made for Kraft.
No kids, Vladimir Putin is just a common thief, and no different than all those other thugs running the Kremlin!
And that’s why they won’t get invited to join NATO!