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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Morning Confusion! Do I, or Do I Not, kill Leapy Lee?



Like everyone else, I imagine you get a song stuck in your head every now and then!
For some strange reason, your humble author has the tune “Little Arrows” by a guy called Leapy Lee, stuck in his brain and it’s driving me crazy.
And its been there for three days now!

(To make matters worse, I don’t even like the song!)

So, I’m gonna play it here in the hopes that this will exorcise the song from my noggin.

It’s either that…………, or kill Leapy!

Leapy Lee  is an English singer, best known for his 1968 “one hit wonder” single “Little Arrows“, which reached Number 2 in the UK Singles Chart[2] and was a Top 40 country and pop hit in the United States

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