A bunch of us were talking about conspiracies and government coverups the other day when the question of who killed Kennedy was brought up again.

Jesus Christ folks, people just won’t let go of this, and I am getting so tired of it all that today we here at the Perspective Research Department and with selected members of the Naked News staff are going to spill the beans for the first and last time on who really killed Kennedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the Russians, kids!

(There is all sorts of proof for this, and it is the only logical answer, but just the same the debate will continue………, so I am not going to do somersaults, or get my underwear in a knot explaining it to you.)

It was the Soviets, plain and simple. And for obvious reasons the United States government can never admit it, even though the Commies are long gone.

(Maybe in another fifty years the truth might eventually come out, but until then, you’ll just have to take my word for it folks!)


If you haven’t heard, Obama was in Europe for the last few days, and he suggested the U.S. and Russia reduce their nuclear arsenals from 1500 bombs each, (ready to go bombs, not stockpiled!) to just a couple of hundred!

This is still a ridiculously large amount, but guess who’s against it?


(I keep telling ya those guys are nuts, and nobody believes me!)


Oh, did ya happen to hear that James Gandol is fini? (Pun intended)


Winnipeg, MB – An increased number of cyclists will be on city streets tomorrow as Winnipeggers participate in Bike to Work Day. An estimated 4000 riders are expected to register for the 6th annual Bike to Work Day event on Friday, June 21.

Listen folks, if ya really want to test the mettle of those bikers……, hold it on the 21st. of JANUARY!


New York (CNN) — Two New York state men have been charged in a bizarre plan to develop a mobile X-ray system that would be used from afar to silently kill people that they deemed “undesirable,” federal officials said.

Glendon Scott Crawford, 49, and Eric J. Feight, 54, were arrested Tuesday after an undercover operation by the Albany FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. They were charged with conspiracy to provide material support for use of a weapon of mass destruction, according to the criminal complaint.

Crawford and Feight were developing a device “intended to be mobile … designed to turn on remotely from some distance away” that would emit “some dangerous levels of X-ray radiation,” according to John Duncan, executive assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of New York.

Individuals who might have been “subject to this X-ray radiation, would not immediately know that they had been harmed until some days later when they would either be injured, or it could result in their death,” he said.

The suspects intended to use the device to harm and kill “enemies of Israel,” a Department of Justice news release said.



Here’s a brilliant way to drum up new business if you’re an optometrist. Myung Dong, an eye doctor in Jeju, South Korea, found the perfect way to convince the local elderly population that they could benefit from glasses or other vision treatments: a business card featuring a self-administered eye test.

It was an incredibly cheap but effective way for the optometrist to market its services, since it showed the local residents they indeed had vision problems without requiring them to come for an examination. And after the cards were distributed, over 90 percent of the town’s residents visited the optometrist for a checkup within the first month. That’s impressive.