Dear Readers:
When Rob Ford’s opponents want to make a big deal about his lack of participation in “Pride Week” activities ya can’t help but trip over the articles because they’re everywhere.
This year he did attend some stuff, so the anti-Ford group had nothin’ to bitch about and I almost missed the article which was hidden down near the bottom of something or other!
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford attended a Pride event for the first time in his mayoralty on Monday, after previously ignoring calls to participate in formal events that his past three predecessors all took part in.Ford read the Pride proclamation during a ceremony held outside Toronto City Hall, in which the rainbow flag was also raised.
“Pride Week is an opportunity to celebrate the harmony in which we co-exist,” Ford said, also noting that it is a recognition of the barriers that some still face in their work and personal lives.
“In a world often marred by clashes between people who see differences as a reason for conflict, Pride Week is a time to celebrate diversity, inclusiveness and understanding,” he said.
Ford was given a round of applause after reading out the Pride proclamation and attending the flag-raising
(If ya really want Rob Ford to go to some sort of rehab ….., then send him to a “fat farm!” The poor son-of-a-bitch is gonna die of a heart attack any day now!)
I have been half-heartedly following the George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin case with the expectation that it will be next to impossible to determine who is telling the truth about the whole sordid affair!
Only one thing for sure folks, if handguns were illegal……………………, all this would never have happened!
A 31-year old woman’s heart problems and fainting might have had something to do with the fact that she drank only soda for about half her life, according to a report of her case.
The woman, who lives in Monaco, a small country near southern France, was brought to a hospital after she fainted. A blood test showed she had severely low potassium levels. And a test of her heart’s electrical activity revealed she had a condition called long QT syndrome, which can cause erratic heart beats.
The woman did not have a family history of heart or hormone problems. But she told her doctors that, since the age of 15, she had not drunk any water — soda (specifically cola) was the only liquid she consumed. She drank about 2 liters (2 quarts) of cola daily, she said.
Donald Trump Thinks The Extradition Process Is Too Slow, Suggests Just Killing Edward Snowden! (Remember kids, this is the same guy that STILL claims Obama is not a U.S. citizen!)
Matter of fact, Donald Trump is the perfect American…………………….., rich, loud and ignorant!
And as if they didn’t have enough flooding out West.
A water-main break has shut down a section of Winnipeg centered on Rosedale Avenue .
Hey kid, remember John Wayne Bobbitt?
Well …………………., getting his penis cut off was the best thing that ever happened to John Wayne Bobbitt’s sex life.
dynamic_resizeSince being mutilated by his wife 20 years ago this week, the 46-year-old former U.S. marine has starred in porn films and slept with 70 women, he told Britain’s Sun newspaper.Doctors took 10 hours to re-attach the top 2 1/2 inches of his organ that wife Lorena had severed with a kitchen knife and thrown into a field. Then Bobbitt got it “souped up,” as he calls it, with penis enlargement surgery paid for by radio personality Howard Stern.
“I joke it’s…like an ordinary car with a bigger engine. I can honestly say it’s never been better,” the Sun quotes him as saying.
Bobbitt parlayed his new and improved penis into roles in adult films called Uncut and Frankenpenis. He married twice more and was arrested for domestic assault twice.
“Being famous for my penis has given me opportunities I could not have ever imagined.” He said.
And Finally!
Cheaters beware.
There have been plenty of songs written about cheating lovers, but we still haven’t heard one that goes, ‘If you cheat with my man/ I’m throwing you off a cliff.’
After this video went viral this week, that might change.
In the clip, which aired on Peruvian television, Lissette Lupo Mamani confronts her husband’s alleged lover and after the two get into a heated argument, she throws his supposed mistress off a cliff by her ponytail. Security camera footage shows the woman’s husband walking away just as the fight starts.

Miraculously, she survived the 20-foot fall, suffering only minor injuries.
There’s no word on whether Mamani and her hubby have kissed and made up.