(It’s about time somebody put things back into perspective here!)
Jann Arden has been deemed insensitive for supporting Paula Deen.
On Tuesday, the 51-year-old “Insensitive” singer came out in defense of the celebrity chef, who has been losing support left and right after her alleged history of using a racial slur has come to light. Arden argued that “NO ONE is in a position to judge” Deen, though many of her fans did not agree.

She also tweeted, “if someone was to fire me over a word, well, F— … I have said them ALL!!”

The Alberta native also took issue with those who have been condemning Deen. “Ironically, it’s bigots who are going after Paula Deen’s character,” she tweeted. “Like they are perfect citizens?
What a bunch of bullshit.”
Look folks, the P.C. crowd, and all the “holier than thou”groups have tasted blood here, and the only thing to do now is let this whole thing die a quiet death. After all, anyone who condemns Paula Deen is at best a hypocrite, and at worst just plain disgusting!