Dear Readers:
It’s not every day that I get a gem like this just handed to me:
A brothel must pay £60,000 damages to a prostitute’s family after she fell out of a bedroom window with her client while still in the act.

The woman, 25, lost the use of her limbs in the plunge in 2008 and died a year later.
She’s claimed employee rights but Felina Prive club in Piracicaba, south Brazil, denied liability.
A judge said: “Because of the fall, she became dependent.”
The Perspective Research Department also reports that a drunk who was walking by saw the couple hit the pavement while still in an amorous embrace…………, so he went up to the front door…., knocked…., and when the ‘Madam” answered, said: “Hey Lady, your sign fell down!”
Some days ya just can’t win for losing folks!
One of the girls found on the runway after the crash of a jetliner in San Francisco was apparently thrown from the plane when the tail section broke off during landing.
The kicker is that this isn’t what killed her. ……………………………….!
She was then run over by one of the rescue vehicles due to the heavy smoke!
Word on the street is that a Montreal auction house was forced to cancel the highly publicized sale of items that purportedly belonged to Halle Berry because the Hollywood star didn’t even own them.
The objects include a pair of nail clippers, a hairbrush, a queen-sized bed, an antique sofa and a zebra skin rug.
All you people waiting to get your grubby little hands on a genuine Halle Berry pair of nail clippers, are shit out of luck!
Here’s some news that likely didn’t make headlines so soon after the Fourth of July: Immigration numbers suggest the flow of citizens moving across the Canada/U.S. border is gradually leaning in our favour.
A study by the Association for Canadian Studies, provided to QMI Agency, suggests fewer Canadians are moving to the U.S., while an influx of Americans are coming north of the border.
 Uncle Sam lost 11,216 people to Queen Elizabeth in 2008, more than double the 5,828 who came to Canada in 2000. (Last year for statistics)
The Queen however,  was not amused.

The mega-budget “The Lone Ranger” went down in a cloud of a dust in its box-office debut over the July 4 weekend, saddling the studio with a “John Carter”-sized disaster.
Over the five-day holiday weekend, the masked rider will have brought in around $49 million. That’s about $90 million behind the total of the No. 1 movie, “Despicable Me 2.”
Worse, the $29.4 million three-day Friday-Sunday total for the $225 million adaptation of the classic radio and TV show was weaker than that of last year’s bomb “John Carter.”
One of the worst scenes in the movie was when the Lone Ranger and Tonto are surrounded by a thousand Apache warriors and the Lone Ranger says: “What are we going to do Tonto?
To which his sidekick answers:  “What do you men WE? Paleface!”
Justin Trudeau made his obligatory appearance at the Calgary Stampede over the weekend. Here he is seen with a couple of East Indian Cowboys….., flipping pancakes!