This is no pipe dream, or a bunch of B.S.

According to the Regional Rapid Rail report, all we have to do is electrify the GO system in the G.T.A. and put in stations at every major intersection!
The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) is facing worsening congestion, verging on gridlock on various key corridors.
After decades of little investment in new transit infrastructure, the provincial government’s regional transit agency, Metrolinx, has started to plan and build more transit.
This Regional Rapid Rail report builds on The Big Move, specifically looking at achieving maximum value from the GO rail network.
This would involve the prompt conversion of the vast majority of the GO rail network into an electrified regional rail system operated with Electric Multiple-Units (EMUs – like a subway train, but as a bi-level model) with frequent,  all-day service, to form a regional backbone, integrated with various local transit systems to maximize trip options
This would effectively transform the GO rail system into a “surface subway” network over 450km in extent, which could meet the very high demands projected for various GO corridors. (This “surface subway” concept is common in Europe, such as the Overground in London, UK, the RER in Paris, France, and the Stadtschnellbahn (S-Bahn) in Berlin, Germany, among many other cities.)
It will help meet future transit demands for the next 100 years!

THEN, as a final pièce de résistance, we can do away with the term “SUBWAY” entirely, and just call it the L.R.T!