Meanwhile, we here in Ontario haven’t seen a tornado in weeks!
I guess where ya live depends on whether you wish to be shaken or stirred!
Just heard about as guy who went on Craigslist and he marked a job advertisement as spam …………………….., so no one else could apply for that job.
He then went out and got the job himself!

Allergic to cats?
imagesRelief is now on the way after a team of scientists from the UK, Sweden and the United States narrowed down exactly how cat dander sets off such a strong reaction in those who are allergic to it.
Personally, I’m not allergic to cat dander…………….., it’s their attitude that gets MY dander!

Apparently owning a shopping mall is about the same as owning a boat:
imagesCA5KEYLAOwner had funds to fix collapsed Elliot Lake mall, but he didn’t want to pour money into ’black hole’
I once bought a 36 Carver tri-cabin, which cost a lot of money ……………., but it was the maintenance and operating costs that almost sunk me!
Your humble reporter hasn’t worked for an hourly wage in quite a few years, but after reading that the average NFL player makes about $7000- (seven thousand bucks) an hour, that would be enough to make me consider going back on a time-clock!
Well folks, I guess Ed Snowden can now give himself up and get deported back to the States!
Attorney General Eric Holder has told the Russian government that the U.S. will not seek the death penalty for former National Security Agency systems analyst Edward Snowden.
This news probably makes him, Bradley and Assaange, feel a whole lot better!

dynamic_resizeBiologists with Parks Canada are combing the Prairies to find out more about an elusive, endangered lizard that shoots noxious blood from its eyes.
Which leaves your perplexed author to ask WHY?
This thing sounds disgusting!
London cops went to the house of an 87 year old guy and after one thing led to another they ended up beating him up and then charging HIM with assault.
I know how he feels ……………, during my drinking days back in the 90′s I got picked up for being drunk in a public place here in London, and when I told the cops to ‘fuck off’ they beat the shit out of me, and then charged ME with assault so it would be harder to sue them!
(Still pissed about it all these years later!)


AND FINALLY! I saw an advertisement for a funny clip about a dog playing dead and wanted to see it!

The only problem was that I had to sit through a 30 second commercial to see a 7 second clip.

Even the comments were critical…………..!

Sean • 27 minutes ago: “The ad was longer than the clip. Please Yahoo, stop forcing your viewers to endure your greed. I will really try to avoid products like Snapple and Olive Garden….maybe I should just avoid Yahoo…!”

I made up my mind years ago that anyone who tries to FORCE me to watch their shit will never get my business! Besides, 15 second commercials are about all I can handle!