In case you didn’t already know, our Royal Canadian Mounted Police carve a striking image as they patrol Parliament Hill and ride in formation for the Musical Ride.
imagesCAATUG4ZAnd their suave appearance hasn’t gone unnoticed, with their uniform placing among the top five most lip-licking, lust-inducing accoutrements in North America.
In the entirely empirical survey of 1,000 users, the RMCP’s brass-buttoned blazers, glistening black riding boots and cowboy-style holsters ranked fourth among the sexiest uniforms.
“It’s the man behind the uniform,” explained Chantal Charbonneau in a nearly breathless huff, carving a figure with her hands. “The clean shave, nice bodies with their bright red uniforms.”

The mother of an Ontario man who has been in a West African prison for more than 18 months for a terrorism conviction says she’s thrilled her son is heading home.
dynamic_resize“I’m so happy my son is coming home,” said the mother of Aaron Yoon, reacting to news reports her son has been released from prison in Mauritania.
Canada’s Foreign Affairs Department declined to comment on the news of Yoon’s release, other than to confirm officials were “aware that a Canadian jailed in Mauritania is in the process of being released.”
Guest post by  Chris Hofley

First it was Edmonton. A man picked up the tab for 500 coffees Monday.
dynamic_resizeThen the same happened in Calgary on Wednesday, apparently out of concern for those who struggled through this summer’s floods.
The trend moved east Thursday, when an Ottawa transit employee, apparently wanting to show his appreciation for the work of bus drivers, dropped off $860 during the early-morning rush to pay for everyone’s coffees and muffins.
“I came in this morning and he had just left,” said store manager Melissa Dass. “He told (Tim’s staff) that he wanted to treat all the customers.”
The cash lasted for about an hour and left many surprised patrons with a smile to start their day.
“They couldn’t believe it,” Dass said.
The man didn’t leave any instructions for how the cash should be used or any other information “except for the fact that he chose location (because) of the bus drivers.”
Coffee shops have long marvelled at pay-it-forward trends, especially at drive-thrus, where drivers sometimes offer to pay for the order of the car behind them.
But this week’s large-scale acts of coffee angels is baffling even the most seasoned coffee shop workers.
“I think this pay it forward thing is amazing, absolutely amazing and generous,” said Dass, a 14-year Tim Hortons employee.
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has changed his tune on pot — and he’s calling for the drug to be legalized to keep it away from Canadian kids.
2 (1)The rookie leader is shown endorsing marijuana’s legalization in a clip of a Liberal rally in pot-friendly British Columbia that was posted on Youtube Tuesday.
“I’m actually not in favour of decriminalizing cannabis,” he told the enthusiastic crowd of supporters.
“I’m in favour of legalizing it, tax it, regulate it. It’s one of the only ways to keep it out of the hands of our kids because the current war on drugs, the current model is not working. We have to use evidence and science to make sure we’re moving forward on that.”
BlackBerry Ltd has laid off about 250 of its employees at its headquarters in Waterloo, Ont., as part of its latest move to trim costs, the smartphone maker said on Thursday.
“This is part of the next stage of our turnaround plan to increase efficiencies and scale our company,” a BlackBerry spokeswoman said.
The company, which last year cut thousands of jobs, recently hinted that more reductions were in the offing.


Miley Cyrus was seen today giving Justin Bieber advice on how to handle the media??????



O.J. should be released!

Look folks, I believe that O.J. killed his wife and the other guy, ain't no two ways about it!


He got away with it, and that pissed off a lot of people..................., including the court that found him guilty of robbing some guys to get his stuff back!

abc_oj_simpson_01_mi_130513_wgNobody gets 33 years for robbing some guys to get back your own stuff folks, NOBODY!

That was just a 'get even' for dodging the bullet on the murder rap.

O.J. has done nearly six years now and that's just about right for the robbery.

Whether he got off on the murder thing, or not, is beside the point. Ya can't punish him out of spite!

That makes a mockery out of the justice system!