THIS, my dear friends, just might give you the proof you need about how nuts they are in the States!
Canada and the U.S. are working on a cross-border agreement, where border guards can work on both sides of the fence, but there is one stipulation that shows just how deluded and deranged they are down south.
The United States border guards want to be able to operate in our country with IMMUNITY from our LAWS!
Now, I’m still not sure if they mean that they are only subject to U.S. laws while they are in Canada……………………, or whether they aren’t accountable at all, to anyone, at anytime, for anything!
Whatever the case, the hubris is incredible, and the insanity is tangible!
A Pakistani television show host gave away two abandoned babies on live television during this year’s Ramadan, according to the Naked News Department.
The show, “Amaan Ramazan,” hosted by popular Pakistani talk-show host Aamir Liaquat Hussain, usually gives away mobile phones and land deeds. But for Ramadan, when the show is in a ratings war with other talk shows, the host presented two families with abandoned babies.
“If we didn’t find this baby, a cat or a dog would have eaten it,” Hussain proclaimed during a broadcast.
The Special Investigations Unit is looking into a fatal shooting involving police on a Toronto streetcar after a man died early Saturday.

With smartphones seemingly everywhere, it has become increasingly common for turmoil that unfolds in public – from plane crashes and protests to police confrontations – to be captured on video.
In turn, it is not unusual for authorities tasked with investigating the incidents to seek out any available footage, as was the case when Ontario special investigators asked the public to share video showing Toronto police officers beating a demonstrator at the G20 Summit in 2010.
What is not clear to many people who get a request from law enforcement for their property, such as a smartphone or a copy of video footage they took with the device, is whether they can refuse.
The answer, according to Adam Boni, a former federal prosecutor who specializes in search and seizure cases, is yes, they can.
“Independent witnesses are not under any obligation to assist police,” Mr. Boni said. “They have a choice.”
Without first obtaining a search warrant, Mr. Boni said, law-enforcement officials can only confiscate a cellphone or view the footage on it if its owner gives what is known as “informed consent,” meaning they have an understanding of the nature of the investigation and their role in it.
“Consent can be a tricky thing for some people to understand,” Mr. Boni said.
Schoolgirl killer and serial rapist Paul Bernardo won’t be moved to a medium-security prison, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said Thursday.
Blaney responded to the public outcry after Bernardo, 48, made a request to be transferred to the easier life of a medium-security institution when the maximum-security Kingston Penitentiary permanently closes Sept. 30.
Provincial police have ended their search for bodies at the scene of a railway blast that killed 47 people in Lac-Megantic, Que.
Five bodies are still missing and officials think they may have just plain burned up!
A Long Island writer struggling to find a better way to cook lentils was visited by law enforcement agents after she and her husband ran Google searches on pressure cookers and backpacks, she wrote in a blog post.
For Michele Catalano, who wrote about her experience on the website on Thursday, a day after the incident, the searches created “a perfect storm of terrorism profiling.” Catalano also told her story to the Guardian newspaper on Thursday, but was not immediately available for an interview.
“I had researched pressure cookers. My husband was looking for a backpack. And maybe in another time those two things together would have seemed innocuous, but we are in ‘these times’ now,” Catalano wrote.
O.K. folks, I got the story, but I just don’t know whether to believe it or not! I’ll let you decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An New Hampshire man woke up to the sound of a gunshot only to discover he’d shot himself in the knee while sleepwalking, police said.
The gunshot woke the man from a nightmare early Tuesday, the Concord Police Department told ABC News.
The unidentified man was taken to hospital with serious injuries.
Earth experienced its fifth-hottest June on record, according to a report released on Thursday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
Monthly records were broken over much of northern Canada, western Russia, southern Japan, the Philippines, part of southwestern China, and central southern Africa during June.