Talk about carrying a grudge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A central Kentucky theater owner who trained pilots during the Vietnam War is refusing to show the nation’s top movie, “The Butler” because one of the stars is Jane Fonda who was an outspoken opponent of the conflict.
(I don’t know about you folks, but I can forgive Jane for just about anything after watching the movie “Barbarella!”)
WINDSOR, — Officials say a pile of goat manure spontaneously caught fire, spreading stench and wrinkling noses but causing no damage.

Windsor City Manager Tom Marsh says the odor that followed the fire evoked “a damp kind of burning leaves or brush fire.”
The Valley News ( reports 120 cubic yards of goat manure spontaneously combusted at the 800-goat Oak Knoll Dairy early Wednesday morning, erupting into small flames and spreading an odor that both perplexed and amused people.
imagesCA2RQZ52(Fortunately, burning goat shit is not nearly as repulsive as some other brands of manure! -Ed.)
Farm owner George Redick says the manure would typically have been spread around the farm earlier in the year, but the rainy season and other factors kept that from happening.
He says he used to think spontaneous combustion was a myth, but now he’s a believer.

Affleck as Batman?
imagesCAWMBJPMWarner Bros. announced Thursday that the 41-year-old actor-director will star as a new incarnation of the Dark Knight in a film bringing Batman and Superman together.
The studio said Affleck will star opposite 30-year-old Henry Cavill, who will reprise his role as Superman from Man of Steel. The movie will also feature Man of Steel stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White and Diane Lane as Martha Kent.
(Unconfirmed reports have Woody Allen taking the role of “Robin!”)

In true pro wrestling style, Hulk Hogan was defeated by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Friday morning in an arm wrestling match.
hulk“The only reason he beat me is because he’s younger,” Hogan, 60, said of the 44-year-old mayor, who the former wrestling champ nicknamed “Fantastic Ford.”
It didn’t seem like much of a fair fight when they entered the room prior to the match. One man stood at 6’7 and had biceps that seemed to go for days. The other wore a suit and was Rob Ford.
But after 22 seconds of a stalemate, Ford suddenly slammed Hogan’s arm down to the table. Ford raised his arms victoriously, while Hogan grimaced, holding his shoulder.

The “Fracking” controversy continues here in North America!
untitledFrom New York to New Mexico, more than 100 municipalities have passed fracking bans or temporary moratoriums, according to FracTracker, a nonprofit organization that compiles data on the oil and gas industry.
They even had a big budget Hollywood movie about FRACKING!
The film – Promised Land, co-written and starring Matt Damon – has the energy industry’s supporters fuming over how they have been painted as the bad guy.
The movie is full of scare-mongering rather than facts, they say.
What they should have said is that the movie is also FINANCED AND PROMOTED BY GULF OIL STATES like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
Just remember that 90% of the bad stuff you hear about fracking is FRACKING NONSENSE!
(Just like the wind turbine bullshit!)

Martian wannabes dust off those resumes: The application deadline for a one-way mission to Mars is almost here.
mars-one-settlement-imageMore than 165,000 people have applied to join the manned Martian colony effort envisioned by the non-profit Mars One Foundation, but the foundation is only accepting applications until next Friday.
Oh, by the way kids, before ya get your underwear all in a knot, remember …………………………….., IT’S A ONE-WAY MISSION!

The US soldier who ran amok last year killing 16 Afghan villagers has apologized for the massacre ………………….., said he was “sorry!”

Staff Sgt Robert Bales was making a case for why he should some day be released, during his sentencing hearing at a Washington state military base.

He pleaded guilty in June to avoid the death penalty.
AND FINALLY: We started today’s post with one diva, we might as well end it with another!
Celine Dion
You will be overjoyed to learn that a new day has come for Canadian pop superstar Céline Dion on social media.
The Quebec chanteuse started an official Twitter account Thursday morning, writing in her first tweet: “Hello Twitter! How are you? Excited to talk to you more.”
She then tweeted a short video from the mobile app Vine in which she promoted her upcoming English-language album that’s due out this fall.
(As a public service, I left it out!-Ed)