Just to let you know how crazy things can get in the heat of battle, we have this report from the T.O. cops………………..!
The officer who tasered a Toronto teenager after he was shot eight times on a streetcar is under investigation and could face charges.
The tasering officer’s conduct falls under the scope of Chief Bill Blair’s legally mandated probe into the shooting death of Sammy Yatim, who was alone on the streetcar and wielding a knife when a police officer fired nine shots, eight of which reportedly struck him.
After Mr. Yatim lay dying on the floor, another officer tasered him, cellphone videos and surveillance footage of the July 27 incident show.
When asked whether the tasering officer has been suspended or remains on duty, officials said they can’t discuss the status of individual officers.

imagesCAI257YXBlasting work at the Halifax shipyard is making life rough for people living in the north-end Halifax community of Mulgrave Park.
The noise from the shipyard is just part of the problem. People who live in the area also believe the work is driving rats and other pests into the public housing community.
Debi Upshaw, who lives in the neighbourhood, said she has had enough.
“It’s been rough here. The blasting has brought out rats and raccoons around our area. The blasting has taken pictures off my walls and broken them. It’s hard living on Barrington Street right now,” she said.

“One morning I got up to go in my yard to shoo a cat out of my yard and the thing turned around and it was a rat and it wasn’t afraid of me It was big. I thought it was a cat, I really did think it was a full-grown cat and it just turned around and it’s teeth — it was horrible.”
imagesCA023HDHMEANWHILE: Packs of wild dogs are roaming the streets of Detroit where the inner city is nothing but a run down collection of boarded up houses and empty lots!
Authorities say as many as 50,000 semi-wild dogs now inhabit the center of Detroit and it’s getting dangerous for people to be out on the streets!
(Not that the streets were much safer before!)
One of the Perspective Research Department insiders tells us that the closure of all those Embassies in the Arab world last week was nothing more than a big con!!!!!!!
It was no more than the NSA trying to tell us that all the spying they do is paying dividends.
(Makes sense to me!)
Iran’s new president has condemned the use of chemical weapons in Syria’s civil war.
He thinks they should use Nukes instead!
Steve Balmer is going to retire from Microsoft next year.
He says that by then he will have enough money put away for his old age!

1372885063_163114814_alec-baldwin-hilaria-baldwin-467I don’t know what modern day Journalism is coming to, but can anyone tell me what is wrong with this headline?
Actor Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria give birth to daughter, Carmen Gabriela!
How about a more correcter version?
Alec Baldwin’s Wife Hilaria Baldwin Gives Birth to Baby Girl, Carmen Gabriela!
The Ottawa Citizen is reporting about a 2008 contract between the Department of National Defence and a European submarine part manufacturer.
According to the report, DND purchased the equipment with a $1 million deposit, hasn’t received the product and now “can’t find” the company.

imagesCA52KZ29Canada signed a deal with Applied Radar and Sonar Technologies in December 2008 for the transportable acoustic range and paid the firm a little more than $1 million out of the total price-tag of $1.3 million. But according to the DND briefing the firm ran into a series of unspecified problems with the equipment.
In June 2012, with the delivery almost three years behind schedule, Public Works requested the company provide evidence as to why the contract should not be terminated. It sent letters to the company’s German office and a Turkish address where the equipment was supposed to be manufactured. But those letters couldn’t be delivered.
The report goes on to say that Canada will now likely enlist the help of an international collection agency.
(Does anybody think the DND might have been conned?)
AND NOW, our Perspective question of the day ………………………….! Why Is George Zimmerman Shopping Around For Tactical Shotguns?

imagesCA20SPM2The political and social media world are abuzz with talk of marijuana after federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau admitted to smoking pot after he was elected as an MP.
Well, yesterday local politicians in Winnipeg weighed in on whether or not they had ever smoked pot.
At least three councilors admitted to smoking pot, while others said they “wouldn’t even know what it looks like.”
Coun. Ross Eadie, Coun. Brian Mayes and Coun. Jenny Gerbasi all admitted they had smoked pot in the past.
They were immediately arrested and are now waiting to get bail!
Britain has a HUGE media sex-scandal underway!

imagesCAV3IOIPA whole bunch of guys from T.V., radio,, the stage and all other corners of the entertainment world are being arrested for sexual assault, sex with minors, public indecency, moral turpitude and anything else their accusers can think of!
The strange part is that they are all mostly being nicked for stuff they were supposed to have done thirty or forty years ago!
(That was when they were young …………., and poor!)
Now they are old men with money, and their accusers are having sudden flashbacks to these horrific events.
You know what I mean, they kept the memories suppressed for all these years, and the fog lifted when they decided to get in on the extortion bandwagon!
Well kids, it doesn’t take much to make the news in P.E.I.
Charlottetown’s fire department has taken delivery on the province’s first fire truck with an aerial platform.
The public will have a chance to see the aerial platform truck this weekend. Firefighters will be 30 metres in the air on the platform for 36 hours beginning at noon Friday at the Sobey’s on Allen Street as a fundraiser for cancer research.