Hey kids, remember all the bullshit about Obama being born in Kenya? (He wasn’t!)


It’s official: Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz is Canadian.
Cruz, a Tea Party candidate, was born in Calgary in 1970 to an American mother and a Cuban father, according to a copy of his birth certificate, which was released to the Dallas Morning News. (This makes him a dual-citizen!)
This time around, (maybe because he’s WHITE) all he has to do is renounce his Canadian citizenship, said a member of the Tea Party!
How’s THAT for the Tea Party kettle calling fried beans Obama BLACK!

Speaking of Obama, the White House reports that the President and his family just got a second dog.
Their names are Sunny and Bo, and are both Portuguese Water Dogs.
(Republicans were quick to point out that Obama did not have any white dogs!!!!!!!!)
Rumour has it that Apple has a new I-Phone made of gold, when it rings it goes ……………………….., BLING, BLING, BLING, BLING!
A 13-year-old girl from Denare Beach, Saskatchewan, has been arrested as part of an RCMP investigation into a crime spree in Flin Flon, which straddles the border between Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
Police said the girl will face a list of charges, including robbery with intent, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of property obtained by crime, two counts of mischief and two counts of theft.
She is being held in custody.

Canada’s rescue of several Americans from the 1979 Iran hostage crisis was always thought to have been carried out in complete secrecy.
untitledBut an investigation by CBC’s French service, Radio-Canada, reveals several senior Iranian officials were aware of the six Americans hiding out at the Canadian Embassy during the 444-day-long hostage crisis.
An interview with a former high-ranking Iranian official reveals that some people within the Iranian government knew more than they let on.
But those Iranian allies, who opposed the hostage-taking, kept quiet because they knew that speaking out would mean risking their own lives at the hands of radical groups.
Ahmad Salamatian, vice-minister of Foreign Affairs during the hostage crisis, says he knew about the Americans but kept it to himself.
“It was absolutely certain that the people in charge at Iran’s foreign affairs ministry, particularly the protocol department, knew there were diplomats in the Canadian Embassy,” he said.
Salamatian, who was responsible for negotiating with the United Nations, says there were several officials who, like him, knew the secret but kept it quiet. They knew they would be risking their lives if they spoke in favour of freeing the hostages.
Do you remember your first birthday party? No? Well that’s too bad, because your parents might’ve spent $109,000 on it!
Well, ok, they probably didn’t, but the parents of twins in England just did!
UK’s premier party planner, Steven Duggan, was commissioned to create a lavish party atmosphere in the theme of Peter Pan meets Alice in Wonderland — all in honor of twins turning one year of age.
The beautiful party included floral arrangements, tons of props and lighting effects, delicious treats, and an amazing cake.
Will the two birthday kids ever remember this? Definitely not.
Will all of the adult party goers remember this? Definitely.