Back in a simpler time, Ralph Kramden said to his wife: “Pow, to the moon!”
Today the destination is further away!
A group of volunteers hoping to become the first Martians congregated in one spot for the first time Saturday (Aug. 3) to discuss their hopes to join the Mars One mission, a project to send colonists on a one-way trip to the Red Planet.

The Mars One colony mission, announced in May 2012, aims to send humans to Mars in 2023. Yet unlike other proposed manned Mars missions, they won’t be coming back.
The colonists will be sent in groups of four, and the first group will have two men and two women, hailing from four different continents. The company is accepting applications from anyone over the age of 18, through August 31. The response has been overwhelming — as of May, some 78,000  Mars colonist applications had been received.
Just so there is no misunderstanding, I think they should have put up a a HUGE sign that said: “This is a ONE WAY trip folks …….., there ain’t no coming back!”
Now THIS is disgusting:

A Lojndon, England utility company Thames Watersays it has discovered what it calls the biggest “fatberg” ever recorded in Britain — a 15-ton blob of congealed fat and baby wipes the size of a bus lodged in a sewer drain. Thames Water says the mound of “wrongly flushed festering food fat mixed with wet wipes” was found under a road in the London suburb of Kingston.
Thames Water deals with fatbergs all the time. But the company said Tuesday it was sharing news of the massive lard lump in hopes that customers will think twice about what they dump down the drain.
They sure know how to have fun down in the States:
The Republican National Committee charged Monday that NBC and CNN are promoting a potential presidential candidacy by Hillary Rodham Clinton, threatening to blackball them from future GOP primary debates if they air upcoming programs on the former secretary of state.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus called a planned NBC miniseries on Clinton and a CNN documentary on the first lady an “extended commercial” for a future Clinton presidential campaign. In separate letters to the networks, he urged them to cancel “this political ad masquerading as an unbiased production.”
In making the charge, the RNC was raising a common complaint among Republican activists that news and entertainment industries favor Democratic candidates
Russel Brand has confessed that he thought of other women while making love to Kate Perry, while people making love to those other women thought of Kate Perry!
Go figure!
We told you about the world’s first hamburger grown from stem cells?
Well, now the world’s first lab-grown burger has been cooked and eaten at a news conference in London.
Upon tasting the burger, Austrian food researcher Ms Ruetzler said: “I was expecting the texture to be more soft… there is quite some intense taste; it’s close to meat, but it’s not that juicy. The consistency is perfect, but I miss salt and pepper.
Officials say they likely won’t be able to remove the backhoe that fell into a sinkhole in downtown Montreal until tomorrow at the earliest.
The hole opened up at at about 9 a.m. ET at the intersection of Guy and St-Catherine streets. It measures about eight metres long, five metres across, and three metres deep.
City officials have come up with a plan to remove the vehicle from the hole, and they are waiting for approval for the go-ahead.
A spokeswoman for the Ville-Marie borough, Emilie Miskdjian, says removing the machinery is complicated because there is a gas line nearby.
There is also a risk of further cave-ins.
A woman has posted an offer on a French website to breast-feed babies of homosexual male couples for 100 euros ($130) a day, stirring up media interest just weeks after a divisive same-sex marriage law was passed.
And finally:
If ya live anywhere near a pet shop ……………..,MOVE!