Dear Readers:
Before I tell you this story, I would like to give you a famous quote!
“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
 Martin Luther King Jr.
I think that a society, or civilization, can be judged by the content of its character, (not the colour of their skin) the same as an individual can ………………….., therefore it does not bode well for the people in Kenya!
Officials in Kenya investigating the massive airport fire that gutted the arrival hall at Nairobi’s main airport said Thursday that first responders looted electronics, a bank and an ABM during and after the blaze.

The officials said first responders stole electronics and money from an ABM. Another official said that police guarding the site overnight attempted to a take a safe from a bank in the burned-out arrivals hall, which also houses several foreign currency exchange shops.
All four officials who described the alleged looting are close to the investigation. They insisted on anonymity because they weren’t authorized to share the information before the investigation is complete.
The fire-fighting response to Wednesday’s inferno was criticized as slow and inadequate, but the officials could not definitely say the looting was carried out by firefighters. One official said there was now behind-the-scenes finger-pointing taking place between the police, fire department and army. Another official said specialized police units had attempted to steal the safe overnight.
(This would be like phoning the cops, or fire department, and finding out they ransacked the place while they were there!)
More poop on the whole Sylvester Stallone / Bruce Willis disagreement thing.
Stallone offered $3-million for three days work.
Willis wanted 4 million, and when he didn’t get it ………………………., he quit!!!!!!!
(At least, that’s the story we got.)
Graham Anley, his wife Cheryl, and their 9-year-old Jack Russell Rosie were sailing from East London to Madagascar for a holiday when their yacht hit a reef in the early hours of Sunday morning, the National Sea Rescue Institute’s Geoff McGregor said. 

Anley and the dog swam to shore, he put the dog on the beach ……………, AND THEN he returned for his wife whose safety line had snagged on the steering gear.
Some details have yet to emerge. So, it’s likely that Cheryl was in a position of relative safety and Rosie might have been in a more perilous position had she been left on the boat. 
(At least, that’s the story we got.)
Karen Black, the prolific actress who appeared in more than 100 movies and was featured in such counterculture favorites as Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces and Nashville, has died from complications of cancer.
Known for her full lips and thick, wavy hair that seemed to change colour from film to film, Black often portrayed women who were quirky, troubled or threatened. Her breakthrough was as a prostitute who takes LSD with Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda in 1969′s Easy Rider, the hippie classic that helped get her the role of Rayette Dipesto, a waitress who dates — and is mistreated by — an upper-class dropout played by Jack Nicholson in 1970′s Five Easy Pieces.
In 1971, Black starred with Nicholson again in Drive, He Said, which Nicholson also directed. Over the next few years, she worked with such top actors and directors as Richard Benjamin (Portnoy’s Complaint), Robert Redford and Mia Farrow (The Great Gatsby) and Charlton Heston (Airport 1975). She was nominated for a Grammy Award after writing and performing songs for Nashville, in which she played a country singer in Robert Altman’s 1975 ensemble epic. Black also starred as a jewel thief in Alfred Hitchcock’s last movie, Family Plot, released in 1976
By the end of the ’70s, she was appearing in television and in low-budget productions. Black received strong reviews in 1982 as a transsexual in Altman’s Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean. But despite working constantly over the next 30 years, she was more a cult idol than a major Hollywood star. Her credits included guest appearances on such TV series as Law & Order and Party of Five and enough horror movies, notably Trilogy of Terror, that a punk band named itself “The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black.”
(Karen was the subject of many of my fantasies when i was a teenager!)
Speaking of fantasies, Tyra Banks says she is at her happiest when she has ” a bit of a fat ass!”
“I was at the height of my success when I was at my biggest,” she added. “So then I go, ‘Why am I shedding weight for press when, like, I told the world to kiss my fat ass and had Emmys and Top Model was at its peak and I was on Time magazine’s top influential people two times in a row — all with a big ass!”
Let’s fact it folks, ya can’t argue with logic like that! -Ed.
Researchers trying to develop a diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer are hoping dogs’ keen sense of smell will lead them down the right path.
Researchers found that any woman who had one of the specially trained dogs try to hump her leg, was at increased risk of developing ovarian cancer!
If the animals can isolate the chemical marker, scientists at the nearby Monell Chemical Senses Center will work to create an electronic sensor to identify the same odorant.
“Because if the dogs can do it, then the question is, Can our analytical instrumentation do it? We think we can,” Monell organic chemist George Preti said.
Ever wonder what the Internet looks like when it goes across the ocean?
NO, it’s not by satellite kids, most of it goes by way of cables they lay on the ocean floor!
What is amazing is that the actual wires are about the thickness of the USB cables that plug into the back of your computer, or run your headphones.
ku-bigpic (1)(The actual Internet is the centre part, surrounded by shielding, then waterproof plastic, and then the cable itself!)