It wasn’t really too noticeable at first, just an occasional hesitation, like a small pause to collect your thoughts.
Just a tiny break in the smooth scroll of everyday events.
I thought at first that it might be something inconsequential…………….., like that small tick we all develop at one time or another.
But, as time went on the tick gradually turned into a hesitation, and I started to wonder what sort of digital disease was trying to invade my orderly world.
Its progress was slow, but relentless kids.
First a brief twitch, then a hiccup or two, a short jerky motion followed by a pause that seemed like the damned thing was trying to make up it’s mind, and finally, after many a day of worsening maladies,  a frozen halt that hung in mid-air as if all purpose and direction had left it!
A quick re-boot fixed it for a while, but like the progression of some insidious disease, the periods of total immobility became more and more frequent as time went on.
At first I thought it might be some external problem, since after all, a mouse is such a simple thing, with not much to go wrong inside it.
But, try as I might to lay the blame on the inner workings of that big black box,  it slowly became obvious to me that my cute little mouse was suffering from a terminal case of droopsy, boys and girls!
Oh, a quick run to Staples fixed the problem all right folks, but the old mouse will not be forgotten,
We are making arrangements to have it placed in a shoebox and buried in the backyard!