I keep telling people that a large percentage of the population are morons, and maybe now you will believe me!
The tragic story of Nova Scotia teenager Rehtaeh Parsons, who died by suicide after allegedly being raped and cyberbullied, will be the subject of an upcoming segment on the “Dr. Phil” show.
In preparation for the show, he posted the following tweet on his twitter:
“If a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? Reply with a yes, or no to @DrPhil #teensaccused”
Here’s the rub, kids.
A whole bunch of people tore strip off Dr. Phil because …….., THEY THOUGHT HE WAS ASKING PERMISIION, when it was actually a survey question!
(I rest my case!)
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/dr-phil-tweet-sparks-controversy-ahead-of-rehtaeh-parsons-segment-1.1421748#ixzz2ciExiOMd

untitledfeToronto mayor Rob Ford is set to arm wrestle Hulk Hogan at 10 a.m. tomorrow!
The legendary shirt-ripping wrestler will be in town for Fan Expo, where he is set to hold an “uncensored” question-and-answer session on Friday evening
If anyone gives a shit ……………………..,Wentworth Miller has publicly confirmed he is gay.

(Who is he, you ask? Damned if I know, but the celeb mags are all over it!)


imageThe Supreme Court of Canada will not hear a case involving two Quebec policemen accused of forging a search document.
Officers Georges Lebel and Gilbert Gagnon say they have waited too long for their day in court.
The two officers were accused of forging the signature of Daniel Audet, whose home they searched in February 2001.
But Audet says he never signed a document consenting to the search.
Six years passed between the time charges were filed in 2005 and the scheduled beginning of the officers’ trial in 2011, which they claim violates their right to be tried within a reasonable time.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/supreme-court-won-t-hear-appeal-of-cops-accused-of-forging-search-document-1.1421856#ixzz2ciKYbMa6

WOW, talk about an ultimate case of denial ………………………………, Bradley Manning is going to switch identities now that he has been convicted of all the espionage and spy stuff:
Bradley Manning plans to live as a woman named Chelsea and wants to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible, the soldier said Thursday, a day after being sentenced to 35 years in prison for sending classified material to WikiLeaks.
Manning announced the decision in a written statement provided to NBC’s “Today” show, asking supporters to refer to him by his new name and the feminine pronoun.
The statement was signed “Chelsea E. Manning.”

Another “just in case anyone gives a shit” tidbit!
Justin-Trudeau-Canadian-PressThe Huffington Post is reporting that Trudeau has smoked marijuana since becoming a member of Parliament in 2008.
So put that in yer pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yFx5x_St_81By the way kids, just in case you give a shit, David Cassidy has been charged with a D.U.I. in upstate New York.
He was initially stopped for failure to lower his headlights, but things sort of went downhill from there!
(From this mug shot it looks as if the past few years have not been too kind to Mr. Cassidy!)
Massive fires in Portugal have led to a call for help from the small European nation, including a request for more helicopter support. Are we sure this pilot can’t just lick all the fires?P
Whomever it is manages to nose down into a local pool, drop water on a fire, and then return, all while staying just above the tree line and and without crashing into nearby buildings or fences