To hell with Obama and the XL pipeline, and tell B.C. to fuck off with their opposition to a western pipeline, it looks like Trans-Canada is going to avoid all the fuss by just running another pipeline straight east!
TransCanada Corp. is moving forward with its Energy East pipeline project, which aims to transport 1.1 million barrels of Alberta crude per day to refineries and export terminals on the East Coast.
Trans Canada announced Thursday that the response from stakeholders, including oil producers and refiners, “confirmed strong support” for the $12-billion project, and the company will seek the necessary regulatory approvals in order to begin construction.
Meanwhile,  environmental groups, however, are dismissing the claims of rosy economic benefits and warned of negative impacts.
“While using an existing pipeline may reduce TransCanada’s costs, it increases spill risks for the many rivers, lakes and communities along the route,” Andrea Harden-Donahue, Energy Campaigner with the Council of Canadians, said in a statement.
(Let Maude Barlow and her  ‘Council of Canadians’ give up their cars, and maybe we will consider reducing our dependence on OIL!)
That guy in Cleveland who abducted  those women and held them captive for a decade? He just got life in jail without parole ………..,  Oh, and another 1000 years on top of that for good measure!
The vast majority of people are demanding justice in the death of Sammy Yatim, the 18-year-old shot dead during a standoff with Toronto police last weekend. The vast majority, but not all.
Some are demanding retribution against the officer allegedly involved in the shooting, and that has police officials concerned.
Const. James Forcillo was identified as the officer at the heart of an investigation into Yatim’s death earlier this week.
Since his name became public, he has become the focus of threats and insults.
Gee, I wonder why? -Ed.
Jane Austen ring
The British government has placed an export ban on a gold and turquoise ring that once belonged to author Jane Austen, in the hopes of keeping a piece of national history on the hand of a Briton.
Singer Kelly Clarkson bought the ring last year for about $234,800, as well as a first edition of Persuasion by Austen, according to the Associated Press. But she can’t take it home, at least until after the temporary ban lifts on Sept. 30.
The ministry issued a release saying the ban gives potential British buyers a last chance to keep the ring in the country.
Russia has finally granted Edward Snowden political asylum …………., after all, it’s not like he’s GAY, or anything!
The latest from the Naked News Department  is about an Illinois businessman who was outraged by a court order that he return more than $500,000 in insurance money related to a 2001 wreck that killed his teenage son. He wanted to pay the money back in pennies in protest, only to recognize that was unfeasible.
So, Roger Herrin settled on quarters — four tons of them.
Packed in 150 transparent sacks each weighing about 50 pounds, the $150,000 in coins were nearly one-third of the money an appellate court required Herrin to pay back to resolve years-long legal feuding among the crash’s survivors over how $800,000 in insurance proceeds were apportioned.