My nephew, Christoph, put this on his Facebook page today, and I would like to share it with you!

September 9, 2013 at 9:08am
I work downtown and as everybody knows things can get more than a little weird. I am three times a day asked for a cigarette(I don’t smoke), change, and asked if I want to buy drugs. To the latter I always reply I am on my way to work. Some dealers even have the big kahunas to ask me a second time, as if meth may still be an option. All this said, I have seen a million bizarre scenarios play out all around me.
I have seen bear spray fights, a running man stealing two women’s dogs, and heard bragging couples tell the tube steak vendor they just bumped uglies in an alley. Yep, pretty weird.
What was different about tonight I am not sure but events affected me where previous times they had not. I left the building and overheard a guy in a baseball cap yelling at what I presume was his girlfriend that she was so f’ing stupid. She was curling up on the floor, crying, cowering to get away from his ranting.
I thought wow, this girl is really upset, but they were in the bank, so I kept moving.
I pressed on for the only fast food coffee that is both open and not disgusting. Being Sunday night it was empty, except for 2 jock looking guys and 3 girls all in their twenties. White Guy #1 is drunk and is yelling N**** F***** at the top of his lungs. I am of the school of thinking that especially if you’re a white guy the N word is never okay to use, and the F word is just plain unacceptable anytime. He proceeded to tell a story of how he told this profanity to a black man at the club who said it was “cool” used in this context and that “he got it.” All the girls and his friend thought he was hilarious, and he yelled N word, F word back to back a few times. They all laughed.
It made me so angry but correcting drunks and ignorants wasn’t going to bear much fruit so I decided against saying anything. I don’t think I was going to shine any light in their dim brains in that state. Lastly, it made me sad because if they had gone their whole lives thinking that shit was funny, it means the people surrounding them did as well.
I went outside and the girl from the bank ran into traffic sobbing while the guy is still calling her every profanity under the sun . She is falling while crossing the road and has countless bags on her, including a sleeping bag. It looked possible she could have had nowhere to go. So after tripping and falling into a heap on the side of the road, I went back and asked her if there was somewhere she could go. She said yes, but it was far. I asked her if she had money and she said no. I gave her twenty bucks for a cab and she said she could get there. She didn’t say thank you but it looked like she was gonna take a cab as she gathered her stuff. Sometimes when your down and out manners aren’t on your mind.
Either way I see similar situations all the time and I don’t always lend a hand. I hope I made someone’s night a little bit easier. It’s hard to know who, and when you are really helping. Thinking of my inaction in the restaurant, to my lending a hand to the women on the street seemed to serve as a gentle reminder. In life you choose your battles wisely, and just do the best you can.