The rebuilt replica of the famous fishing schooner Bluenose is scheduled to return to the Lunenburg harbour Friday, with the Nova Scotia Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage Leonard Preyra and Lunenburg Mayor Rachel Bailey on hand.
The original Bluenose was launched in 1921 and won worldwide acclaim for its design and speed. It became a dominant force in the racing world, before it sank off Isle aux Vache in Haiti in 1946. Its image is featured on the Canadian dime.
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A German firm has apologized for producing condoms marked with an offensive message that were used in a far-right party’s campaign against immigrant births.
imagesThe contraceptives, ordered by the youth wing of the National Democratic Party (NPD), came in black boxes bearing the slogan “For foreigners and certain Germans”.
The activists sent them to lawmakers as a protest against “unchecked immigration.
Germany tried in 2003 to ban the NPD, a party branded “racist, anti-Semitic and revisionist” by Germany’s domestic intelligence service, but failed.
Banning political parties is sensitive in Germany, after the Nazi and Communist regimes silenced dissent.

untitledDay one of  TIFF and the usual parties, shenanigans, drunken encounters, celebrities showing up in unusual places, and fans going to extremes to catch a glimpse of their favourite movie star!
What does everybody talk about?
Clooney didn’t show up!
(He’s in Vancouver…………….. working.)
Science is finding more health benefits from blueberries—but raising more concerns about fruit juice. According to a new study by Harvard University researchers, eating whole fruits helps ward off diabetes, while drinking juice can actually raise the risk of developing the disease.

blueberries-fruit-benefits_71315_600x450In a study published in the British Medical Journal, nutrition experts report that consumption of certain fruits—especially blueberries—cut people’s risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 26 percent in a survey of more than 180,000 subjects over two and a half decades.
The study also revealed an interesting twist. Consumption of fruit juices—including apple, orange, and grapefruit—not only failed to deliver the same benefits as whole fruit but even appeared to raise the risk of diabetes. People who drank at least one serving a day of juice had a 21 percent higher risk of developing diabetes than those who did not.
A Nanos Research poll released Thursday, suggests that Trudeau’s Liberals are a solid six points ahead of the Conservatives — that’s the good news for the Grits.
The bad news is that the poll suggests that Canadians are unsure about Trudeau’s competency as a leader.
According to Nanos, Trudeau rates high in terms of trustworthiness and his vision for Canada, but when it comes to competency, he falls far behind Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
Leaders Competence Trust Vision for Canada
Stephen Harper 34.9% 21.1% 25.6%
Thomas Mulcair 19.8% 16.3% 12.6%
Justin Trudeau 17.4% 23.4% 29.6%
AND FINALLY: Due to overwhelming public demand, and our own shame at ignoring them for so long, the Perspective Research Department, and the Naked News staff, found this list of “Top things you can do in Saskatchewan this weekend!


Hip Attraction

They’ve been at it for 30 years and they’re still going strong.

74416-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Pleasantly-Plump-Woman-Covering-Her-Nude-BodyThe Tragically Hip are out on the road in suppport of their 13th studio album “Now For Plan A” and will be making a stop in Moose Jaw Friday night.
This show is exactly what you’d expect from the classic Canadian rockers.
There will be a combination of the tried and true favourites with the group’s newer material.
This show is also further proof of Moose Jaw becoming a major force in attracting big ticket artists.
Rock out with the Tragically Hip at Mosaic Place.

Pushing the Limits

If you like the excitement of a good race, it’s your chance to cheer on people who’ve worked for months for this moment.

The Queen City Marathon is back for another year.
4146-Religious-Adam-Covering-His-Sexual-Organ-Penis-With-A-Leaf-ClipartThis event is a certified qualifying race for the Boston Marathon, so the best of the best will be out on Sunday.
It’s not just about the run, there is a weekend jam packed with events including a Health & Fitness Expo Friday and Saturday.
Get ready for the starter’s pistol–the marathon kicks off and finishes at the TC Douglas Building.
Check the website for detailed maps and tips for spectators.
Good luck to all the racers!

Raisin’ The Dead

This has to be one of the coolest concerts I’ve heard of in a long time.
,Raise the Dead in Indian Head is a fundraiser for the local theatre and arts centre.
And this is no small event–there’s a huge lineup including performances by Library Voices and Rah Rah.
There’s even a spooky theme to this evening, complete with psychic readings.
The Indian Head Theatre has a long, storied past.
Built in 1904, it’s the longest operating performance space in the province–some people say it’s haunted.
There will be buses running to and from Regina.
The show is Saturday night in Indian Head.
*Find out more info on the ‘Raise the Dead in Indian Head’ Facebook page.

Saskatoon & Area

On Broadway

It’s a chance for you to celebrate Saskatoon’s most ecclectic neighbourhood.
untitledThe Broadway Street Fair celebrates its 30th birthday this year and the party is bigger than ever.
There’s plenty of ways you can celebrate–the fair will have vendors, artists, musicians and street performers.
There will even be a petting zoo for the kids.
It’s a chance for you to celebrate the history of this vibrant city while finding that perfect purchase.
It’s all happening this Saturday.

It’s Classified

He blew away crowds at the Junos, even taking one home and folks in this province will have a chance to groove to his beats this weekend.
1144045-Cartoon-Of-A-Chorus-Line-Of-Naked-Men-Dancing-The-Can-Can-Royalty-Free-Vector-ClipartClassified is a rapper from Nova Scotia who’s taken the hip hop scene by storm.
His hits “Inner Ninja” and “3 Foot Tall” are in high rotation.
And you simply can’t deny the power of a positive message in hip hop music today.
You can see Classified live this weekend Friday night at the Odeon.

Rockin’ Reggae

If you want to experiment in the local music scene, there’s a feel good band you’ll want to check out.
Misterfire is a five piece band from Saskatoon that blends reggae, funk, ska and rock.
imagesCAE0CL80The band has toured extensively and this weekend will release its second album “Darling, This Is War.”
Incidentally, the group drew on one of Saskatoon’s natural resources with Earl Pereira (The Steadies & Wide Mouth Mason) who produced the album.
Check out Misterfire at Louis’ Pub Saturday night.

(OR -You could just go to the bus station and pretend you’re leaving!)