A B.C. Supreme Court justice has turned down an application by the government to seize the motorcycle of a man clocked going more than three times the speed limit.
The decision is being lauding by the man’s lawyer who said it could have been used as a precedent for the government to seize property for the simple act of speeding.
Jason Alan Dery was clocked driving his Ducati motorcycle at more than 200 kilometres an hour in a 60 kilometre-an-hour zone on July 2, 2011 while on a road near Victoria, B.C.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/speeder-won-t-lose-bike-for-breaking-200-km-h-on-vancouver-island-judge-1.1444234#ixzz2eDGw3DdQ
(They not only should have seized the bike ………………..,. they should have thrown his ass in jail too! -Ed.)
imagesCAOCQDTFPaul Craig Cobb wants to transform the tiny town 70 miles southwest of Bismarck into a community that mirrors his white supremacist views. He did so quietly at first, asking residents whether their land was for sale. But recent reports from The New York Times and the Southern Poverty Law Center exposed his mission and turned it into a national story.

Stuck in the middle is Leith’s lone black resident, Bobby Harper. He’s known Leith as a nice, peaceful place where “everybody got along, we basically could leave our doors unlocked, and there was no fear that nobody wanting to harm us.”
“He has the audacity to even ask me for information to buy land, and his intentions were to harm my way of life?” he said. “… That’s very, very uncomfortable for me.”
How successful was Cobb, who is wanted in Canada on hate speech charges, in buying up the town? The Harpers say that residents have been overwhelmingly supportive.
But the Southern Poverty Law Center notes that white nationalist April Gaede and her husband claimed, on an online message board, to have property in the town. So, too, has Jeff Schoep — commander of the Nationalist Socialist Movement, which he describes as the “largest pro-white organization” in the United States “involved in the struggle for white civil rights.”
Yesterday we ran a story on things to do in Saskatchewan this weekend, (Pretend you’re leaving?) so naturally Quebec wanted in on the action too!
untitledNot wanting to slight someone yet again, your long suffering reporter went out and got this bit of info!

Every Friday, CBC Montreal’s Homerun arts reporter Pierre Landry brings you the top five things to see and do in Montreal over the weekend.
The weekend has finally arrived! Here are some of the events taking place in Montreal:
1. The World Press Photo Exhibition presents snapshots of world events that are awe-insipiring, breathtaking and sometimes, heartbreaking. At Marché Bonsecours until September 29.
2. Got something to say? Then head to Quartier des Spectacles and speak your mind in Megaphone, developed by Moment Factory. Words are projected on the UQAM Science Centre instantly. Until November 4.
3. The Escales Improbables festival gathers visual and performance art and brings them to various locations in the city. Until September 14.
4. James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem is performing a DJ set at Telus Theatre on Saturday Night at 8pm. He produced Arcade Fire’s upcoming album, to be released on October 29.
5. The OUMF Festival wraps up on Saturday in the Quartier Latin. Films, music, and art from emerging talents are featured.
Folks, I keep telling you the world is NUTS, and maybe this will convince you!

imagesCA4Z3BW5PETERBOROUGH, Ont. — A 24-year-old man faces two charges after he used bear spray to fend off a man who was trying to mug him in the street Thursday, police say.

William Charles Cunningham was walking along Bethune St. at about 4:30 p.m. when another man allegedly tried to grab him and demanded cash.
Cunningham defended himself by spraying the robber in the face, police said.
Officers who responded to his call for help discovered he was carrying both the bear spray and a large folding knife, police said.
Cunningham is charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose and unauthorized possession of a weapon. He is to appear in court Sept. 26.
Meanwhile, Jacob Scott Collins, 26, is charged with robbery and breach of probation. He was scheduled to appear in court Friday.
CALGARY — Confessed pedophile Patrick Bryan Ryckman was at his “wit’s end” when he physically tried to castrate himself two years ago, he testified Thursday.

Ryckman, who is the subject of a long-term offender application after his Calgary arrest 18 months ago, said he couldn’t control himself.
dynamic_resize“Why did you try to castrate yourself?” defence counsel Tonii Roulston asked the admitted child-pornography collector.
“I felt as if I was at my wit’s end. I felt I had no willpower,” Ryckman said.
Ryckman has pleaded guilty to a 2009 Lethbridge charge of possessing child pornography as well as March 13, 2012, charges of possessing and accessing such material in Calgary.
He also has a 2005 conviction for possession of child porn.

Many illegal exotic pets, including dozens of pythons, have been seized nationwide since the tragic deaths of brothers Noah and Connor Barthe, ages 4 and 6, who were strangled by an African rock python that had escaped from its enclosure in the middle of the night on Aug. 5.
imagesCAMK0SWQAlso Aug. 15, conservation authorities found nearly 50 illegal pythons in a B.C. home. All the reptiles were euthanized. Authorities seized more than 45 reptiles, including a five-foot American alligator, from a home on Monday, as this next article will tell you!
Forget about snakes on a plane kids,  a gaggle of exotic animals, including a crocodile, snapping turtle and snakes, have been seized from a home in Gatineau, Que., Thursday.

Police received complaints from neighbours and showed up at the 24-year-old man’s home armed with a search warrant.
imagesCAT2VUI7They found a crocodile that can grow to eight feet long and weigh 300 lbs. as an adult, as well as five non-venomous snakes, including three that were slithering around the house.
Police also seized a three-foot-long green iguana, a snapping turtle and a bearded dragon that were roaming the house.
An unlicensed pit bull was seized and taken to the SPCA.
Animal control officers recently visited the home, but the man — who was not home during Thursday’s raid — wouldn’t let them in the house, police said. In fact, police said he showed up at the door with an “imposing snake” in his arms.

The man faces a variety of charges including possessing non-venomous but potentially dangerous animals, having exotic animals roaming freely in the house and owning an unlicensed pit bull, police said. Each charge carries a $100 fine.