I ran across this “last photo ever taken of Jumbo the elephant!”

Back around the turn of the twentieth century, Jumbo was being unloaded from a railway car in St. Thomas Ontario, (which is a few miles south of London) when he decided to go for a “walkabout!”
Jumbo04_deadBecause of his size there wasn’t really too much anyone could do, and he wandered around the railway yards for a while until he got hit by a train!!!!!!!

Jumbo died at a railway yard in Canada at St. Thomas, Ontario, where he was hit and fatally wounded by a locomotive. Barnum told the story that he died saving a young circus elephant, Tom Thumb, from being hit by the locomotive, but other witnesses did not support this.

jumboBarnum’s story says that the younger elephant, Tom Thumb, was on the railroad tracks. Jumbo was walking up to lead him to safety, but an unexpected locomotive hit Tom Thumb, killing him instantly. Because of this, the locomotive derailed and hit Jumbo, killing him too. According to newspaper accounts at the time, the freight train hit Jumbo directly, killing him, while the other elephant suffered a broken leg.
What happens when they did an autopsy on Jumbo is another story!

Ever the showman, Barnum had portions of his star attraction separated, the better to have multiple sites to which attract the curious. Many metallic objects were found in the elephant’s stomach, including English pennies, keys, rivets, and a police whistle  The skeleton was donated to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, where it remains. The elephant’s heart was sold to Cornell University. Jumbo’s hide was stuffed by William J. Critchley and Carl Akeley, both of Ward’s Natural Science, who stretched it during the mounting process to make Jumbo seem even larger; the mounted specimen traveled with Barnum’s circus for a number of years. Barnum donated the stuffed Jumbo to Tufts University, where it was displayed at P.T. Barnum Hall for many years. The hide was destroyed in a fire in April 1975. Ashes from that fire, which are believed to contain the elephant’s remains, are kept in a 14-ounce Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut Butter jar in the office of the Tufts athletic director, while his taxidermied tail, removed during earlier renovations, resides in the holdings of the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives
The Statue of Jumbo sits on a hill as you drive into St. Thomas.

imagesCASJXCPHFolks, your inquisitive reporter has harboured a deep suspicion that gays were being overly represented in movies and TV shows to make them seem more mainstream………, AND I WAS RIGHT!
(Gays and Lesbians represent 2-3 % of the population kids, not over 10% like the G.L.B.T. would have us believe!)
What caught my eye was the first paragraph of this article.
A new study suggests the proliferation of gay and transgender characters in films and television shows has not prevented gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender actors from experiencing discrimination in Hollywood.
SO, the next time you start thinking that the Movies and TV have a lot more gays than the world in general does………………………… YOU’RE RIGHT!

By Lauren Zima
This is one we didn’t see coming. Kanye West got in a Twitter war with … of all people … Jimmy Kimmel.
tmpykabTv-mdly-photoThe “rap feud” is quickly trending on Twitter and making headlines, like pretty much anything Kanye West does.
(Entertainment Weekly writes off Kanye’s Tweets completely, calling him a “buffoon.”)

tmpezC6v9-mdly-photoFor now, all is quiet on the Twitter front, but ultimately, whoever comes out on top in the public’s opinion here will probably be based not on what is said, but how it’s said — aka, who can take a joke.
- See more at: http://www.newstalkradiowhio.com/news/entertainment/kanye-wests-bizarre-twitter-war-jimmy-kimmel/nZ85j/#sthash.J95T7Bb6.dpuf
(If Kayne West was smart he never would have started this thing with Jimmy Kimmel to begin with. He’s out of his league! -Ed.)
They may not be in the league of BlackBerry, which is in the midst of deep looming job cuts and restructuring but Waterloo’s Tech Hub is thriving.

While the smartphone maker’s gleaming campus of office buildings sits on the northern edge of Waterloo, the action has shifted to downtown Kitchener.
untitledThis week, Google picked Communitech, housed at the Lang building, as one of its seven innovation hubs — and the only hub in Canada. And Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey was in town earlier in the month to announce he’s setting up a 30-person office for his next project, Square, which involves credit card payments via smartphone.
Some startups here will privately confess that they hope to snag some of the BlackBerry talent, drawn from around the world, who may soon be pounding the streets, with 4,500 job cuts expected, many in Waterloo.

images“This probably would have been a different story five years ago, when BlackBerry was dominant,” said Iain Klugman, CEO of Communitech, a Waterloo-based non-profit organization that helps startup businesses get off the ground. “In the last five years, remarkable things have happened and Waterloo has really become a major startup centre, and tech centre.”
There is no single dominant technology here — the companies do everything from robotics, telecom, digital imaging to wearable technology.
And that’s why locals believe Waterloo will be better able to weather BlackBerry’s cuts, unlike Kanata, Ont., where Nortel Networks was the dominant employer. When that company shed tens of thousands of jobs, and eventually went bankrupt, the impact was magnified on the Ottawa suburb.

Your observant reporter ran across this headline today: How to See Uranus In the Night Sky!
This called for a general staff meeting to discuss it further!
imagesCAOCUMQC(The sixth planet which can be spied without optical aid is the planet Uranus. This week will be a fine time to try and seek it out, especially since it favorably placed for viewing in our evening sky now that the bright Moon has finally moved out of the way. In addition, on Oct. 3 Uranus will be at opposition to the sun all will be visible in the sky all night.)
After much discussion and conjecture we here at the Perspective Research Department, along with the Naked News Staff, have reached the conclusion that THIS is the best way!

They sure know how to have a good time in Newfoundland …………………………!
imagesCADEXVRJA man owing more than $40,000 in traffic fines was arrested during a traffic safety stop in Mount Pearl on Friday.
The 30-year-old was pulled over by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary on Mount Carson Avenue around 10:30 a.m.
Police said there was an outstanding warrant of arrest for the man — who was also driving a stolen vehicle with a stolen plate attached to it.