Nearly one in 10 Canadian experienced some sort of mental disorder last year, a government survey has revealed. Approximately 2.8 million people, or 10.1 percent of the Canadians, aged 15 and older, reported symptoms consistent with at least one of six mental or substance use disorders in 2012, reported a survey released by Statistics Canada, a federal government agency.
Measured by the first national population health survey, the six disorders were — major depressive episode, bipolar disorder, generalised anxiety disorder, and abuse of or dependence on alcohol, cannabis or other drugs, with major depressive episode being the most common type of mood disorder.

imagesCAY1SDPTThe survey showed there were higher rates of mood disorders and of generalised anxiety disorder among females, while males had higher rates of substance use disorders.
In the meantime, more youth — aged 15 to 24 — met the criteria for mood disorders and substance use disorders than any other age group, while the oldest age group — 65 and older — had the lowest rates of all disorders.
The survey also suggested that 17 percent of Canadians aged 15 and older, approximately 4.9 million individuals, experienced a need for mental health care, mainly for counselling among information, medication, counselling and other services.
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Students are putting themselves at risk of becoming unemployable because of what they are posting online, a social media expert warned.
clown17“You will be Googled” is the advice that teachers need to spread among students as the informality of social media leads to a merging and blurring of professional and personal boundaries.

People using social media needed to realise that with hundres or perhaps thousands of “friends” or followers”, their conversation were not private, said Bernadette John.
Ms John said the informality of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, were merging and blurring personal and professional boundaries, something that can have personal implications for users.
She said a conversation on social media was permanently recorded, publicly broadcast, not private, infinitely searchable and endless quotable.
It meant that a basic understanding of the principles of social media was essential for all teachers and students.
“Young people may be technologically adept, but they require guidance and support to ensure that they take a long term view of the potential consequences of the material they share online”

kim-kardashian-christmas-600x450Your diligent reporter saw this appropriate headline in the gossip pages today:
“The Kardashians Aren’t Even Trying To Hide the Fact That That They’re Full of Shit Anymore!”

I Also read about more crap about the Middle-East today!
imagesCAZPANQFFolks, I really think we should think about moving all the Jews over here to North America, and then give them either Long Island, or Utah………………, then we take down the fence on the Mexican border and put it up around the Middle-East!
We only go back in there when all the shooting stops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

imagesThe ACLU would like to remind Americans that, while the NSA has been truly awful, it hasn’t completely cornered the market on overreaching surveillance programs and civil liberty trampling.
As it points out, the initial leak from Ed Snowden dealt with a bulk phone records court order that was issued jointly for the NSA,  AND the FBI,  AND the CIA!
webblackberrybuildingSources close to BlackBerry told the Globe and Mail the company is targeting job cuts of up to 5,000 employees, or close to 40 per cent of its global employee count of 12,000 people, between now and the end of its fiscal year in late February or early March 2014.

The cuts are expected to be broad-based, in terms of both functions and geography, although the Waterloo, Ont., area – where BlackBerry is based – is expected to take the biggest hit in sheer numbers.
This, my friends, is NOT good news for Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge.
We had the same situation here in London over the last few years when General Dynamics, Ford, G.M. Diesel, and the Sterling Truck Plant, (As well as a bunch of smaller factories) closed, and threw thousands out of work!
MEANWHILE: The Canadian government hopes BlackBerry Ltd, which is considering selling itself, can make it on its own, Industry Minister James Moore said on Thursday, but he added that he recognized the rapidly changing issues it faces.
“The issues that BlackBerry was approaching us with a month ago (were) very different than the news that came out yesterday,” he told reporters in Oakville, Ontario, an apparent reference to a report on plans for deep job cuts.
“I want BlackBerry to do well. I want BlackBerry to grow and to continue to employ Canadians … we’re hopeful that they’ll be able to make it on their own.”
The RCMP have arrested a 29-year-old Moncton man on Wednesday, who is now facing charges of bestiality and corrupting morals.

untitledThe police said in a statement the man, who has not been named, will appear in court on Oct. 4. The incidents involved dogs and occurred between January and September, according to the RCMP.
The man was arrested on Thursday. The New Brunswick SPCA helped the RCMP with the investigation.
The police seized images when the man was arrested at his home.
The investigation continues, with the main question being “who let the dogs out!”