David Mirvish said today that he’s confident the new owner of Honest Ed’s — a Vancouver-based developer Westbank properties — will respect the Annex neighourhood where the discount store has become a much-loved icon.
Mirvish spoke to CBC News about the sale and said that while he doesn’t know what the purchaser has planned for the site, he’s confident they will keep the neighourhood’s best interests at heart.
Westbank calls itself Canada’s “leading luxury residential developer. The company developed the Shangri-La hotels in Toronto and Vancouver.
(The asking price on the property was $100- million folks!)
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A 12-year-old fifth-grader from Quebec has reportedly pleaded guilty for hacking top government and police websites for promise of gifts and free video games from the Internet hacking group Anonymous.

untitledhjhtyThe boy has been accused of successfully hacking websites belonging to the Montreal police, the Quebec Institute of Public Health, the Chilean government, and other non-public entities. According to Fox News, the lawyer representing the boy in the youth court said that the adolescent saw hacking websites as a challenge and there was no political purpose.
Well excuse me, boys and girls, but your humble reporter sees two things drastically wrong here!
-First of all, how the hell can a 12 year old be so smart, and:
-Anonymous is not as virtuous as they seem if they have young kids break the law this way!
(By the way, this kid got a $60,000- fine which his parents are now taking out of his allowance every week!)
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Folks, we here at the Perspective Research Department were given a tip that the NSA has been spying on us, and monitoring our phone conversations over the past several years!
Most of this unwarranted attention has been due to the articles I wrote about the U.S. slowly turning into a fascist police state, with the highest prison population in the world.
In light of these allegations we have invited the United States Ambassador to a meeting, but so far have not received any confirmation by phone or electronically!
I can only assume the U.S. State Department is embarrassed by these revelations and attempting to duck the issue in the hopes that it will go away!
Rest assured that your resolute reporter will not let this rest …………………….., and every means will be utilized to get to the bottom of these dastardly actions.
Allan W Janssen
Four inmates made a clean getaway from an Oklahoma jail Sunday after prying open a maintenance hatch in their shower.

The four pulled off the first escape from the two-year-old Caddo County jail in Anadarko, Sheriff Gene Cain said.
They first broke a lock on the hatch above the shower head, Cain told CNN affiliate KFOR-TV.
131028062832-exp-newday-howell-oklahoma-inmate-escape-00005329-story-topThey then moved through a crawl space until they reached a wall, where they knocked out cement block or two, the sheriff said. That got them to an unlocked door outside the jail area, Cain said.
They apparently kept their clothes on in the shower. Four orange inmate uniforms were found outside the jail, CNN affiliate KOCO-TV reported.
Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is pledging to cut back the province’s transit-building plans, and would cancel a raft of suburban LRTs in favour of extending Toronto’s subway system.
He wants to build the downtown relief line – the TTC’s priority project – extend the Bloor-Danforth subway in Scarborough and bring the Yonge line north to Richmond Hill.

In a wide-ranging discussion with The Globe and Mail’s editorial board, Mr. Hudak revealed for the first time what Southern Ontario’s transportation network will look like if he is elected premier in a vote widely expected next year. While his preference for subways is well known, he has never before detailed which extensions he favours or been so explicit that some lines will be on the chopping block.
To save money, he will axe parts of the Big Move – the current, $50-billion plan championed by Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne – which envisions light rail in Mississauga and Hamilton, subway extensions and several dedicated bus corridors across the region.
“Are we wed to all the major projects in the Big Move? No,” he said. “I have been very clear from the beginning: [our plan] will be subway-driven, rail-driven. I think GO and our subways are the strengths in our system, and I do not believe in ripping up existing streets to lay down track.”
Mr. Hudak, whose transit mantra sounds a lot like that of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, recognizes the tradeoffs: Exclusively building subways will mean covering less ground than adding light rail into the mix.
“I live in the real world. I know that subways are more expensive,” he said. “You set priorities and you make choices. But I think that every dollar we build underground is there not just for a generation, but for potentially a century. It’s a worthy investment. You’re absolutely right: I’ll lay down less track than I would if I did LRTs, but I think I get bigger bang for the buck in helping beat gridlock.”

2013-10-28T120225Z_1389835807_LR2E9AS0XFQA9_RTRMADP_3_BRITAIN-WEATHER-STORMEmergency services work at the scene of a fallen tree at Bath Road in Hounslow, west London October 28, 2013.–>
Britain’s strongest storm in a decade battered southern regions on Monday, forcing hundreds of flight cancellations, cutting power lines and disrupting the travel plans of millions of commuters.

imagesCA012HWDWinds of up to 99 miles per hour (160 km per hour) lashed southern England and Wales in the early hours of Monday, shutting down rail services in some areas during rush hour.
That’s right folks, we know all about it!  The last big one, Hurricane Wilma, hit Scotland just as the Mrs. Herself and I were there on vacation in 2005.
(It followed us there across the Atlantic, and then left the day we were going back to Canada.)
Samantha Goudie, Iowa University, shared her arrest with hundreds of followers on Twitter from her account, labelled ‘Vodka Samm’.Although Goudie showed little remorse for her actions at the time, constantly re tweeting people’s comments and praise under the hash-tag ‘#341′, she has now revealed her experience had a “devastating” effect on her.
“I care about my life,” she said. “I could easily have just taken this opportunity and ran with it and been ‘Vodka Sam’ my entire life, but that’s not why I came to college.
I didn’t come to college to drink and be ‘Vodka Sam.”I was completely embarrassed………!
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