Dear Readers:
Although I don’t wish to appear mean or cruel, I do keep saying that a good percentage of people walking around today are IDIOTS…….., and this proves my point!

Hello! The following is a reply to your “Tires and rims for Sonata” Ad on Kijiji:
 From: Kijiji Reply (from Jen) []
Sent: October-30-13 10:22 PM
Subject: Reply to your “Tires and rims for Sonata” Ad on Kijiji
Hi, do you have more details of these for me? size? rim size? on which sonata will it fit?
Subject: RE: Reply to your “Tires and rims for Sonata” Ad on Kijiji
Wed, 30 Oct 201323:05:51 -0400
The tires are 205X15 and the rims will fit only grey and/or blue sonata’s
Thanks .. sorry, it must be older Sonata’s then.imagesCA8HYQF5

Like I said folks, I don’t wish to appear cold hearted or cruel, but sometimes ya got no choice!
Know what I mean?
BUT, there’s idiots to the left of us ………………., idiots to the right!

A severed finger left at the crime scene helped police in Arizona arrest a man suspected of trying to steal copper wire.
stock-illustration-8995701-hillbillyAn air conditioning company employee told Glendale police someone tried to steal the wire from his truck on Oct. 7.
The spool of wire — worth more than $300 — had been pulled out about 20 feet from the truck, and what appeared to be a cut off finger was caught in the wiring.
Police retrieved the finger as evidence, and forensic technicians were able to match the fingerprint to 29-year-old Joshua Allen Goverman.
Goverman told detectives he lost part of a finger while working on a car. He was booked on suspicion of theft.
Authorities didn’t know whether Goverman had a lawyer who could be reached for comment.
See what happens when you ask an idiot to give you a hand!
One of my customers just said the craziest thing I have ever heard!
My company installs solar panels and we were supposed to go and put the panels up on a barn owned by …………….., (Now should I give the guys name or not?) but the installers didn’t go out there today!
Bill, (I will give you his first name) phones me at noon and starts yelling at me because there is no one installing his solar system!
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO …….., I say to him, (a) Bill, did the fact that you have a steel roof AND it’s raining buckets, might have something to do with WHY they are not on your roof!
images(B) The fact that you have a steel roof with a 60 degree incline AND it’s raining buckets might have something to do with WHY they are not on your roof!

AND (c)is the fact that it’s raining buckets ……………………, might have something to do with WHY they are not on your roof!

untitledTALKING ABOUT IDIOTS: The CBC, which has a disproportional amount of gays on it’s staff anyway, aired an interview today where some asinine left wing group was advocating the removal of gender identification from all forms of I.D.

This included drivers licenses, passports, etc. etc!
To ad insult to injury, they had a ten year old girl say that “little people” shouldn’t have their gender listed anywhere, in case they wanted to change it sometime!!!!!!
First of all, a ten year old girl should not even be aware of these issues, let alone being allowed to give her opinion on them! (An opinion, by the way, she got from an adult, because ten year old girls don’ normally think about that stuff!)and also because this is a bogus, and stupid, issue!

Folks, this is another case of the LGBT community trying to make themselves more mainstream, and your disgusted reporter thinks their tactics SUCK! (No pun intended!)

Parliament Hill (File photo – Reuters)
It’s sort of apropos that, in the midst of the ongoing Senate expense scandal, the Fraser Institute released their latest report about government waste and mismanagement.
The policy think-tank’s study, titled Federal Government Failure in Canada, is a good reminder for all of us that while we collectively fret about $90,000 in inappropriate expenses claims, we should probably be paying more attention to the costly decisions made by our MPs and senior
The report’s authors examined Auditor General reports from 1988 to 2013 and identified 614 failed programs and initiatives costing Canadian taxpayers between $158 billion and $197 billion.
“The study covers a fairly long period with five prime ministers from two different political parties. While there’s a tendency to blame the government of the day for mismanagement and failure, the reality is that government failure is a systemic problem,” Charles Lammam, lead author of the study, said in a press release accompanying the report.
“Many people continue to look to government to solve new problems in society. But as the Auditor General reports illustrate, government can’t be counted on to deliver a range of tasks—whether it’s basic things like accurately issuing cheques or managing credit cards, or whether it’s more complex activities like major procurement projects, economic development initiatives or helping low-income Canadians.”

ford450_3A Halloween message for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford………………………!