Tom Clancy died today at the age of 66!

Other than that absolutely nothing of interest happened except this article about a cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I hate days like today!)

An estranged Montreal couple is clawing it out in court over custody of a cat named Miley.
Her sentimental value is so great to Maria Melissa Criniti and Charles Desparois that Miley is the main sticking point in their breakup.
“I find this action ridiculous, but I’m ready to learn how the justice system works to defend myself,” Desparois, 28, told QMI Agency.

Criniti also admits the case might seem crazy, but she says Miley is worth it.
untitled“I don’t have children, but I have a cat,” said the 23-year-old nursing assistant.
Desparois and Criniti moved into a trailer in Mirabel, Que., north of Montreal, in 2011. Court documents say it was Criniti who had brought Miley into the relationship.
The pair broke up this year, and Criniti claims she was locked out of the trailer in August when she tried to retrieve the cat.
Two weeks later, Desparois received a letter ordering him to hand over the cat within 48 hours.