On Friday, a group of Canadian environmental activists — led by none other than Dr. David Suzuki — were in Washington, D.C., to lobby against approval of the controversial Keystone Pipeline.
Suzuki, author and activist Tzeporah Berman and artist Frankie James took part in a panel discussion at the National Press Club.
Here is an overview of their message as described by the Globe and Mail’s Paul Koring.
“Their message wasn’t just that President Barack Obama should reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Rather, the primary thrust was that the Harper government could not be trusted and was ruthless in its efforts to silence and thwart domestic opposition to oil sands development. To listen to the panel, America’s northern neighbour has become a repressive regime where free speech is silenced and the government has aligned itself with the interests of a single industry – oil.
David Suzuki, the internationally renowned Canadian scientist and recipient of several UN awards, said Mr. Harper’s effort to suppress information had been “learned well from the Bush-Cheney administration.” Mr. Suzuki, a companion of the Order of Canada, compared Mr. Harper’s suppression of scientific information to the rounding up of Japanese Canadians (including his family) during the Second World War and the imposition of the War Measures Act in 1970 when separatist terrorists kidnapped prominent in Quebec.”
While Suzuki was busy slamming Stephen Harper, the right-leaning Sun News Network has been taking some shots at Suzuki and what they call his “hypocritical lifestyle.”
According to Sun News, Suzuki owns four homes in British Columbia.
“His primary abode is a sprawling mansion in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, worth approximately $8.2 million. At Occupy Vancouver, Suzuki extolled the virtues of his anti-corporate agenda and condemned excess,” the report notes.
“Perhaps most interesting is a property on Nelson Island of which Suzuki is one of several co-owners listed on a B.C. land title registry, another of which includes Kootenay Oil Distributors.”
I guess it’s true what they say: all is fair in love, war and politics.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the environmental battle, proponents of Keystone got a boost from American business leaders on Thursday.
According to the Canadian Press, more than 165 CEOs and presidents of major companies signed an open letter to President Barack Obama asking him to approve the pipeline project that could potentially transport up to 830,000 barrels of oil per day from northern Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico.

Your humble reporter had an epiphany this morning.
Reading the paper today I suddenly realized that all the people protesting for various causes have two things in common.
imagesCAL84VGI1. They were always a loud and abrasive MINORITY!
2. They were usually wrong to a greater or lesser extent, or just way too zealous!
This includes fluoridation of water, (which has become a local issue again because of one crazy city councilor) wind turbines, pro-life, wearing fur, save the whales, (or dolphins) save the trees, save the beaver, fracking, gay rights, (good idea, just got way out of hand) gay awareness, (asking ten and twelve year old’s which sex they would rather be) people for the ethical treatment of animals, (P.E.T.A.) vegetarians and vegans, occupy wall street, religious fundamentalists, oil sands, creationists, environmentalists, discrimination, violence, bullying, mental health, teen angst, feminists………………………………, well, as you can see, the list just goes on and on!

imagesThat’s right kids, these people get the attention because they know the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but that doesn’t mean they are RIGHT!
That’s why they are the MINORITY!
(This also means the majority just doesn’t give a shit enough to get off their ass and do something!)

We have another real life “Loser of the Day” for ya folks!
untitledToday’s award goes to Robert Bourque of Sarnia, who was in court in a drunk driving charge, and had the nerve to tell the judge (he was representing himself) that the breathalyzer gave a false reading because he was testing his theory about how Jesus healed the deaf by pouring alcohol into their ears!
That’s right kids, the breathalyzer gave a false positive because he had just poured booze into his ears about an hour before!
Needless to say, the Judge didn’t buy it!
(I know this guy…………………., can’t wait to run into him again!!!!!)

NEWS ALERT, STOP THE PRESSES………………………., scientists have just discovered that there is such a thing as a “grumpy” gene.
imagesThat’s right boys and girls, there is a gene that makes us short-tempered!
(Jesus Christ, I always thought that it was because I put on weight as I got older, and now my jeans are too tight!)
Here’s another result of our new “Multicultural” lifestyle folks!

imagesCAGI15TXQuebec’s physicians college has forbidden its members from performing virginity tests after learning of four cases in which doctors were asked to conduct the gynecological exams.
The province’s College des Medicins said it recently provided guidelines outlining its stance on virginity testing, which examines whether a woman has engaged in sexual intercourse.
The procedure goes against its code of ethics, the college said, as physicians are not to intervene in their patients’ private lives.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/quebec-physicians-ordered-to-stop-performing-virginity-tests-1.1494821#ixzz2hWKiSlZK
While gays are being sent to prison, and even killed, in most of the Middle-East………………….., Israel has a different problem!

JERUSALEM (AP) — The goal was merely to promote clean energy in Israel — but television ads starring a pair of male puppets called “plug” and “socket” have instead unleashed a debate about gay pride.
3052d61966dff2223f0f6a706700f185The puppets, named Sheka and Teka in Hebrew, have appeared in ads for the state-owned Israel Electric Corp. for more than a decade. Israelis have long playfully questioned whether they might be gay. But the arrival of a baby puppet in the new campaign set off fresh speculation about their sexual orientation.
The ads highlight a striking paradox of the Holy Land: Although religion holds great sway and there is no civil marriage, gays have gained a widespread acceptance that is increasingly noted around the world. Gay activists demand the ad characters, who have a close but ambiguous relationship, officially come out of the closet.
Some gay rights advocates accuse the company of being intentionally ambiguous about their sexuality in a cynical publicity ploy.
Sheka and Teka have drawn comparisons with another famous puppet pair: Bert and Ernie, whose sexuality also has come into question in pop culture. Sesame Workshop, which produces “Sesame Street,” has declared that the two are just good friends and they “remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”
(Another example of Gays pushing their agenda? Bert and Ernie are kid’s puppets folks, they might have a sex, (male) but there is certainly nothing sexual about them, and anybody who tries to push that idea has got something wrong with them! -Ed.)

A woodlot owner near Grand Falls, N.B., says he’s lucky to be alive after a bear attacked him in the woods. 
imageGilles Cyr said he was walking through his woodlot two weeks ago when suddenly something black came flying out of the woods at him.
The bear knocked him down, and as it was about to bite him, Gilles grabbed the bears tongue and held on for dear life!
This made the bear let him go, and after sneezing a few times, it wandered off into the woods!

How to add insult to injury………………..North Korea on Saturday issued a fresh warning of an “all-out war”, urging the United States to stop military drills and what it described as “nuclear blackmail“.
d6d87f3d32e2da31100ddf28c1989594b57cf185In a thinly veiled threat to strike the United States, the North’s National Defence Commission (NDC), chaired by leader Kim Jong-Un, said the US government must withdraw its policy of hostility against the North if it wants peace on both the Korean peninsula and the “US mainland”.
“(The United States) must bear it in mind that reckless provocative acts would meet our retaliatory strikes and lead to an all-out war of justice for a final showdown with the United States,” a spokesman of the NDC was quoted as saying in a statement carried by Pyongyang’s Korean Central News Agency.
(Why doesn’t someone just drop about ten or twelve nukes on the place and be done with it!)


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