As someone who grew up in Toronto during the sixties, it pains me to think that two of the iconic signs that defined our city will soon be lost in the dust of history!

First Ryerson reneged on their commitment to preserve and display the “Sam the Record man” sign that graced Yonge St. for all those years, and now we might also loose the “Honest Ed’s” sign that was a landmark on Bloor St. W.

City politicians, business leaders, you and I, and the poor schleps in the suburbs need to do something while the doing’s good, folks!

As Ed Mirvish would have said:

“Right This Way you Lucky People!”
Stand up and be counted!
Get involved!
Be Idle No More!
Just don’t remain “Anonymous”

We need to do something to preserve these hallmarks of Toronto’s history kids, and the sooner the better!

Send us your ideas!