Your ever adventurous reporter went to see it in 3D IMAX ……………………………, and just about got space sick!


A Manitoba Indian Chief gave gifts and support to his counterpart in New Brunswick’s Elsipogtog First Nation Sunday as part of a day to plan their next steps after a tense week of anti-fracking protests.
He met with fracking protesters and Elsipogtog Chief Aaron Sock. Nepinak gave Sock tobacco and beaver pelt among other items as a show of strength and support.
Nepinak said he hoped the gifts will also remind Canadians that First Nations people are peaceful and focused on protecting the earth.
Nepinak also said the protests were peaceful, contrary to “mainstream media reports.”
WHOA!!!!!! Back up the truck boys!

First of all THIS is what the Indians call PEACEFUL! –>

imagesCAEHXXSG<– AND, this guy was throwing Molotov Cocktails at the cops, (fire bombs) and then complained when he got shot with a rubber bullet!

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT, BOYS AND GIRLS, it’s not about Mother Earth all all………………………………. it’s about the MONEY!

They want a piece of the pie! A little grease! A taste! Some Wampum!

imagesCAX6LD7ONews out of Ottawa that a Conservative proposal to suspend three senators without pay and benefits is sparking a passionate debate inside the upper chamber over the powers and independence of Parliament and just how to far go in exercising them.

To settle this debate we here at the Perspective Research Department suggest suspending them by their ankles!

f4031be8bdf190a7af1c6ceade179128“The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Barney may have been busy working on her fitness studio, CUT Fitness, in Orange County, but she does have some interesting news to share. Recently, she was rushed into emergency surgery and she was surprised when she learned that she had lost a body feature.

According to a new report published on Oct. 20, “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Barney is now revealing that she had her belly button removed.

(She was rushed to an emergency room with a burst hernia and she ended up having a major surgery. “They had to reconstruct my whole stomach,” she recently revealed to E! News. “It was really, really bad. I almost died.”)

Meanwhile, staff at the hospital where the surgery was performed issued a statement saying the belly button was somehow MISPLACED, and an internal investigation has failed to come up with any leads!


Actor Stephen Baldwin appeared in court Friday and paid $100,000 owed to the state in back taxes, according to the New York State Tax Department.
8556c9e69a641e5991e767931614eea2Baldwin, 47, now lives in Upper Grandview and appeared before a judge in Rockland County Friday morning and presented a certified check, part of $343,068 he owes in back personal income taxes, reported the state.

We here at Perspective are surprised………………….., mostly because we never thought he did enough acting in his career to owe that much in taxes!


Well folks, former Toronto Zoo elephants Toka, Thika and Iringa are hours away from arriving to their new home at a California elephant sanctuary.

The trio left the Toronto Zoo Thursday night, after a lengthy delay. Reports from various readers informed us that the elephants hitchhiked all the way along highway 7 here in Ontario, and after clearing customs with paperwork supplied by the Toronto Zoo, they made their way across Michigan to Chicago.

From there the plucky trio followed what was left of the old “Route 66″ to get a feel for the real America of old, and after a hazardous crossing of the desert in Nevada they are now within sight of their destination.

The elephants are seen here on Highway 7 between Stratford and St. Mary’s, waiting for more cars, (or trucks) so they could continue hitchhiking!
(Your young and foolish reporter once hitchhiked from Toronto to Vancouver, and it took me two days longer than the time it took the elephants to get to L.A!)


Leaders of Quebec’s sovereignty movement are gearing up for a fight with the federal government over its decision to intervene in a provincial court case challenging a law at the heart of their cause.