A “pro-life” group in Ohio is suing the government to make sure the “poor” don’t get health insurance under Obama-care!
WHY? You might ask!
Because this might give them access to State funded abortions at some time in the future!
(Nuff said, eh?)
We have a new “Winner of the Day” folks:

imagesCA6LHLW7The routine part of this shoplifting story out of Miami is that police stopped a woman trying to leave a supermarket with $300 worth of unpaid-for food.
The not-so-routine part: Upon hearing that the accused was a mother of three in dire straits, the arresting officer went back in the store and shelled out $100 from her own pocket to buy the woman groceries.
“I made the decision to buy her some groceries because arresting her wasn’t going to solve the problem with her children being hungry,” says officer Vicki Thomas.
Read more: http://www.wtue.com/articles/weird-news-104673/cop-buys-groceries-for-mom-caught-11764179/#ixzz2ieCIP5Qt
MEANWHILE: Over on the other side of the fence we have an “Asshole of the Day” award split between the kid who was “car surfing” and the other kid who was driving!
A teen who had been in critical condition after falling from a vehicle while “car surfing” in Brampton, Ont. has died of his injuries.
The 19-year-old had been riding on the trunk of a Honda Civic in a parking lot on Tuesday afternoon when he fell off the car and struck his head on the pavement, Peel Region police say.
The teen was rushed to hospital in Brampton with severe head injuries and then transferred to a trauma centre in Toronto for treatment, but later died.
A 16-year-old boy who was driving the car has been charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm and dangerous driving causing bodily harm.
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/man-19-dies-of-injuries-after-car-surfing-in-brampton-1.1510916#ixzz2ieDK37tv
This might shock you, but for over a century scientists have been pondering why kettles whistle—and completely failed to find an answer. That’s all changed now, though, thanks to two scientists from the University of Cambridge who have worked out how it happens.
ku-bigpicAs steam comes up the kettle’s spout, it meets a hole at the start of the whistle, which is much narrower than the spout itself. This contracts the flow of steam as it enters the whistle and creates a jet of steam passing through it. The steam jet is naturally unstable, like the jet of water from a garden hose that starts to break into droplets after it has travelled a certain distance. As a result, by the time it reaches the end of the whistle, the jet of steam is no longer a pure column, but slightly disturbed. These instabilities cannot escape perfectly from the whistle and as they hit the second whistle wall, they form a small pressure pulse. This pulse causes the steam to form vortices as it exits the whistle. These vortices produce sound waves, creating the comforting noise that heralds a forthcoming cup of tea.
THERE, now aren’t you glad ya asked?
Finally, some good news from BlackBerry Ltd.: Its popular instant messaging app appears to be a hit among Android and Apple smartphone users.
blackberryThe company said more than 10 million people signed up for the BlackBerry Messenger service in the first 24 hours after its release on Monday for non-BlackBerry users. The company says it is processing new users at a rate of 500,000 an hour, with millions more queued up.

From the “next time don’t be so stupid” department! [sic]
_70675316_70675315A 13-year-old boy carrying a replica assault rifle has been shot dead by police in the US state of California.
Officers in the city of Santa Rosa say they opened fire after the boy refused orders to drop the rifle, which they believed to be real.
“The deputies said they repeatedly ordered him to drop the rifle”, reports Alastair Leithead
Doctors now have convincing evidence that they put HIV into remission, hopefully for good, in a Mississippi baby born with the AIDS virus — a medical first that is prompting a new look at how hard and fast such cases should be treated.
The case was reported earlier this year but some doctors were skeptical that the baby was really infected rather than testing positive because of exposure to virus in the mom’s blood.