Your  confused, tired, frustrated, and extremely pissed off writer needs to vent, but I can’t figure out how to do it without the politically correct crowd getting on my case and taking me before a human rights tribunal!
The problem is IMMIGRANTS, folks.
Oh, I know……………………., I’m an immigrant myself, but the new brand of immigrant comes to this country with an entirely different set of values and morals than the Europeans that came here after World War ll.
(This statement alone might be enough to get myself dragged before some quasi legal, bullshit, politically correct organization, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take!)
Part of the problem can be summed up in this statement: “When our parents came to this country they wanted to know what their OBLIGATIONS were! Today’s immigrant comes to this country and immediately wants to know what their RIGHTS are!”
This might seems a small distinction at first folks, but believe me, this gets right to the heart of the matter.
People from some parts of the world are culturally different than we are, and honesty and integrity are just not part of their normal vocabulary. (Or at least it’s a lot lower on the list of what is important to them!)
Here is just one example, and the thing that set me off today!
I sold a guy a solar system for his house, and required certain paperwork from him to get the money for it!
This has turned into a major endeavour.
He wants to give me as little information as possible because a lot of stuff he is doing is not 100% legal, moral or correct as far as our financial and legal system here in Canada is concerned!
(In other words, he is trying to slide out from under certain requirements and avoid others.)
The frustrating part is that he thinks that if he stalls long enough .........., we will just say ‘the hell with it,’ and go ahead with what he told us ....., minus the documentation!
After all, that’s the way they do it back in his country! (And lots of other third world countries)
That’s not the way we do it here!
(Names and other information have been altered to protect the guilty!)
Allan W Janssen
P.S. How if wish I could just name the worst of the offending cultures, but that would amount to legal suicide!
(Or Jihad)