Rob Ford smoked crack!
What the guy does on his own time is nobodies business.
I am more concerned with him showing up drunk on the Danforth ……………, because that was a public function.

There was a LLAMA DRAMA in France!
“Youngsters Steal Llama from Circus”
BX5sWjyCQAE3z7PFive drunk guys swiped an unsuspecting llama from a circus in France last week and paraded him around the streets of Bordeaux, according to reports.
Serge the llama joined the five party animals last Thursday for a night of debauchery that was captured in a series of photos that have gone viral on social media. There is even a photo of Serge taking the tram.
The tram operator, who noticed the out-of-place creature, reported what he saw to the authorities. When officials showed up to the scene, the five men snuck away unnoticed.
They then got on another train before they were arrested by the local law enforcement officials.
(The director of the traveling circus filed a complaint, which he later dropped and Serge the llama was returned unharmed.)

untitledSenators have voted to suspend colleagues Patrick Brazeau, Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin for allegedly claiming improper living and travel expenses.
The three former members of the Conservative caucus will retain their health, dental and life insurance benefits, but will be barred from the upper chamber for the duration of the parliamentary session, which could last another two years.
I don’t know about you folks, but your humble author is getting REAL sick of hearing about Ford and Duffy~!
Oh, and while we’re talking about stupid stuff, Samsung is coming out with a bendable smartphone ………., for anyone that wants to bend their smartphone!

We here at the Perspective Research Department have received tons of mail in the last 24 hours asking why India can send a mission to Mars so much cheaper than the United States!
ap606795839641-4f767b93557fbbd33eca09a554640fba6ff7165b-s40-c85Well, apart from sub-contracted tech support they do everything in the Indian fashion ……………., cheap!
“India’s Mars mission, with a budget of $73 million, is far cheaper than comparable missions including NASA’s ONE BILLION Maven satellite that is expected to set off for Mars later in November,” reports The Wall Street Journal, which is among several publications noting the disparity between the cost of U.S. space missions and India’s burgeoning program.
Engineers cost much less in India than they do in the U.S. The mean annual income for an aeronautical engineer in the United States is just under $105,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While it’s difficult to make direct comparisons, a blog that covers the aerospace industry in India indicates that the higher end of the scale for engineers there is less than $20,000.
Similarly, there’s a vast gulf between the pay for electronics engineers. The average electronics engineer in the United States makes a little more than $120,000, according to, as opposed to India, where says he or she might pull in less than $12,000 a year at a company such as Samsung India.

These figures are approximations — given factors such as the differences in experience levels and fluctuations in currency exchange rates over time — but they give an idea of the disparity. In general, it seems safe to say engineers in India make between one-tenth and one-fifth of what their U.S. counterparts do, in absolute terms.
PLUS,  it appears that India’s main goal is just getting to Mars, and so the probe is carrying “relatively simple,” and therefore not-so-expensive instrumentation.
Oh, did I tell you that Rob Ford smoked crack, or had smoke coming from his crack ………………………….., or something like that!

A tearful Lynn Coady of Edmonton won the $50,000 Scotiabank Giller Prize on Tuesday night for her short story collection Hellgoing, calling the honour “shocking and overwhelming.”
imageThe Cape Breton, N.S., native then thanked her loved ones and her publisher, House of Anansi, which hasn’t had a Giller winner in 13 years — a streak dubbed “the Anansi curse.”
Coady, who is known for her comical yet compassionate approach to writing, included eight stories in Hellgoing with characters including a young nun and a bride-to-be.
(DAMN, this is another book I have to add to my list of stuff I don’t have time to read! -Ed.)
If you thought the traffic in T.O. was bad ………………………………………., YOU’RE RIGHT!
This is a graph of the number of cars per day on some well known highways.