A defiant Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he’s ready to defend himself as he faces a motion expected today at council demanding he take a leave of absence to deal with his admitted crack cocaine use and binge drinking.
Latest reports in to the Perspective Research Department claim Rob is not drinking or drugging anymore, and has been to the Gym “three or four” times!
BOY, are we ever glad THAT’S over and done with!!!!!!


This guy not only makes our “Asshole of the Day” list, but is in line for a “Delusional Idiot” award as well!
Egypt‘s ousted President Mohammed Morsi accused the military chief who deposed him of treason in a message from prison read by lawyers on Wednesday, saying the country cannot return to stability until the coup is reversed and those behind it are tried.
(That’s right folks, he wants the military to be put on trial. Apparently nobody ever told him that ya don’t piss off the guys with all the guns!)

imagesMorsi was moved to a regular prison last week after the first session of his trial on charges of inciting murder. There, he had his first extensive meeting with a team of lawyers from his Muslim Brotherhood and other allies on Tuesday, dictating the “message to the Egyptian people” to them.
But he is emerging to a dramatically changed situation from four months ago. Since then, a fierce crackdown by security forces has crippled the Brotherhood, several thousand top leaders have been arrested, and hundreds have been killed. The new military-backed government is pushing ahead with a transition plan aiming for new presidential and parliamentary elections early next year.

imagesCATXDWNFA 1969 painting by Francis Bacon, (NOT Kevin Bacon as we originally reported! -Ed.) set a world record for the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction and a sculpture by Jeff Koons broke a world auction record for a living artist at a Manhattan sale Tuesday. “Three Studies of Lucian Freud” was purchased for $142.4 million at Christie’s postwar and contemporary art sale Tuesday evening. The price tag surpassed the nearly $120 million paid for Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” which set a world record when it was sold at Sotheby’s in a 2012 sale. It sold for $58.4 million, a world auction record for the artist and a world auction record for a living artist, said Christie’s. The auction house did not reveal the buyer.
From the files of Gawker and The Superficial!
If we know one thing for certain about Justin Bieber it’s that he’s not black and never will be. We also know that the women he pays to have sex with are handsomely compensated to talk about how awesome he is at it. A move we’ve already seen with Milyn Jensen, and now with Tati Neeves the Brazilian hooker who filmed him sleeping. Via Gawker:
Neves began her post-coital press tour on Saturday, giving an interview to Brazilian network Globo TV’s Fantastico program where she coyly admitted to sharing a bed with Bieber, but not to having sex with him.
But in an exclusive interview published with The Sun on Monday, Neves, who also said she’s separated from her husband, admitted that the couple did more than sleep. She even said that when she left Bieber’s room in the morning, she got a voicemail from him asking her to come back, but that she couldn’t return because she was “too exhausted.” She then praised Justin for his “stamina” and “energy” and said he “looked great” naked.
As for how much it costs to make a woman not tell everyone you cried and spent the whole time trying to slap your penis into an erection, I’d love to know. For research, of course, strictly research. I take all my posts very seriously. “Information is the seed that comes out of every dick joke!” I’m always being told not to say out loud.
We haven’t done much reporting on the Philippine typhoon because that’s been covered by almost every news organization of the planet, and there wasn’t much we could ad, …………………………, that is until we ran across this picture of a ship where no ship should be, and some other photo’s that show the extent of damage to this country! (We are glad, however, to report the death toll might be far lower than originally thought!)
Philippines Typhoon