A New Mexico man has filed a lawsuit claiming police subjected him to repeated anal probes and enemas after a routine traffic stop because they suspected he was hiding drugs.
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“New Mexico man sues over repeated anal probes by police!”
David Eckert, 54, claims violations of his civil rights in the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in New Mexico in August but not made public until this week, his lawyers said on Wednesday.
“This suit is about stopping officers and doctors from subjecting people in their custody and control to unlawful sadistic medical procedures that violate the most intimate parts of the human body,” attorney Shannon Kennedy said.
The legal action stems from Eckert’s treatment by police after he was pulled over in January for failing to come to a complete stop while exiting a Wal-Mart parking lot in Deming, New Mexico.
Officers suspected that he was hiding drugs in his anus, based on the way he was standing and the fact that a police dog alerted to his driver’s seat, and obtained a search warrant “to include but not limited to (plaintiff’s) anal cavity,” according to the lawsuit.
After a medical facility in Deming refused to carry out the procedures, Eckert was taken to Gila Regional Medical Center in nearby Silver City, the lawsuit says, where he was forced to undergo eight searches – including digital penetration of his anus, three enemas, two X-rays and a colonoscopy.
Ultimately, no drugs were found, according to the complaint, which says that the Gila Regional Medical Center billed Eckert for the services it performed.
BLOCKBUSTER IS BUSTED:  The video rental chain, ubiquitous for years across North America, is finally closing its last 300 retail stores.

With that, the company has effectively exited the retail market ……………, in addition to closing its stores, the company’s Netflix-style disc-by-mail service will also be shuttered.
Blockbuster-Store-Zoom-1024-VERGE_large“This is not an easy decision, yet consumer demand is clearly moving to digital distribution of video entertainment,” said Dish CEO Joseph Clayton in a press release.
The online streaming rental service Blockbuster Now will live on, and Dish will retail licensing rights to the Blockbuster brand.
Both the last of the retail stores, and Blockbuster’s disc-by-mail service will be shut down by early January 2014.
d6fc178006a2f34ea5301b7376ba5878“Young Skype friends, both without an arm, meet in person for the first time to give each other a hand!”

Sarah and Paige met on Skype about eight years ago.
Their mothers met in an online support group and hoped their daughters could support each other as they face similar challenges: both Sarah and Paige were born with one arm.
And while they first bonded over their physical similarities, they soon became best friends, telling each other everything.
This summer, Skype asked its users to share their stories of how they’ve stayed connected with loved ones using the video-chat software. When the company heard Sarah and Paige’s story, however, they didn’t just write about it, they decided to arrange a surprise meeting for the young women.

Is Rob Ford a victim of citizen journalism gone wrong?

by Jesse Brown
Remember the dream of citizen journalism? Here is how its founding thinkers defined it, way back in ancient internet history:
8775043“Every citizen is a reporter.”
— Oh Yeon Ho, founder of Korea’s OhmyNews  (2000).
“When the people formerly known as the audience employ the press tools they have in their possession to inform one another.”
— Jay Rosen, professor of Journalism, New York University (2008).
The dream was bold and lofty, but it was not flaky. After all, these press tools were no fantasy. Cheap smartphones were just around the corner — each as equipped as a professional news crew to capture live events in text, sound, photo and video and easily able to broadcast  to the world. Phones are actually better than a news crew, not just because they’re so portable, but because of who is using them — everyone, everywhere. How could you anticipate the spread of hundreds of millions of these things around the world and not expect a revolution in news gathering?
So it has come. But it isn’t exactly what was bargained for. Here are some citizen journalists using their press tools to inform their fellow citizens last summer:
It’s not the most uplifting spectacle.
Whoever shot the Rob Ford crack tape was also using press tools to inform society about a matter of urgent public interest. The fact the video’s subject was exploited while intoxicated and the resulting scoop shopped around to different news organizations in search of the highest bid does little to distinguish those behind it from other freelance reporters.
Back in the early days of social media, when the jargon flowed a bit more freely, we spoke excitedly about the promise of ProAm journalism, where professional journalists would collaborate with civic-minded amateurs. The “people” would do the news gathering, the “pros” would provide verification, context and analysis. This too has come to pass in a more frightening form than most imagined. The Toronto Star‘s citizen collaborators were shady, druggy shakedown artists, not crusading samaritans. The Star is in a vindicated, self-congratulatory mood since Bill Blair and then Ford himself validated their story, all of which puts perhaps too much focus on a paper that, despite tons of top-notch followup, basically acted as middle-man for the news that mattered most. Reporters are getting book deals, editors and publishers are preening, while those who truly broke this story — and their motives — remain in shadows.
But what did we expect? We were kidding ourselves if we thought people-powered journalism would be nobler than the old kind. The smartphones pointed at Rob Ford are held by people with all manner of intentions — gawkers, schemers, manipulators, attention-hounds and more. It can be ugly, but it’s proven effective.
The truth has come out.  Ten years ago, it wouldn’t have.
The risk of asteroid impacts like the meteor explosion that devastated a Russian city earlier this year may be 10 times greater than previously thought, several new studies on the meteor’s origin and powerreveal.
The meteor explosion over Chelyabinsk, Russia, on Feb. 15 was the first video-recorded meteor known to cause substantial damage and injuries. It was the largest airburst on the planet since the famed Tunguska event in 1908, also in Russia. Divers recovered a coffee-table-size chunk of the Chelyabinsk meteoriteweighing about 1,430 pounds (650 kilograms), the largest fragment unearthed yet, from the bottom of Russia’s Lake Chebarkul on Oct. 16. Satellites also watched it streak through the atmosphere.

impact-site-main-mass-chelyabinsk-meteoriteThat means there could be more than 20 million near-Earth asteroids roughly 62 feet (19 meters) wide — the size of the Chelyabinsk object — rather than three or four million, scientists say, adding to the Russian meteor explosion’s importance as a teachable moment. [See Photos of the Russian Meteor Explosion of Feb. 15]
“It has attracted more attention to the threat,” Lindley Johnson, program executive for NASA’s Near-Earth Object (NEO) Observations Program, said of the Chelyabinsk event in a teleconference with reporters Wednesday (Nov. 6).
The Russian meteor explosion is a “great advertisement,” he added, “that this is really something that we do need to be dealing with, and addressing the improvement in capabilities to detect, track and characterize these objects.”

Weird ‘Historian’ David Barton Has Science Figured Out: Abortion Did Climate Change

David Barton, the fake historian who likes finding true facts about guns in Louis L’Amour novels and who wrote a whole book full of lies about Thomas Jefferson, is branching out from fake history into fake atmospheric science.
In a recent YouTube chat with fellow evangelical thought leader Kenneth Copeland — who likes science so much his anti-vaccination church was the epicenter of a measles outbreak — Barton explained that Earth’s climate can only be explained in terms of God’s direct intervention in the atmosphere. And it turns out that God pays very close attention to election results, so extreme weather turns out to be the direct result of how Americans vote.

It remains to be seen how the Almighty will punish America for Republican losses at the top of the ticket in Virginia yesterday, or whether His Hand of Vengeance will be stayed by the re-election of Chris Christie.
Copeland sees all of America’s problems as stemming from abortion, of course, by “open[ing] that door” which has led to a “curse” of floods, tornados, murderers and pedophiles.

“Abortion was a seed to it,” said Copeland, “that has grown into a murderous, bloody crop of child death.”

We are starting to see why this man thinks vaccinations are unnecessary, since disease vectors have less to do with microorganisms than with moral failings. It all goes back to that one time in high school when Kenneth Copeland masturbated and Texas’s sugar beet crop failed.
Barton jumped in enthusiastically:
Once “you open the door to killing,” Barton added, “it’s got a lot of different manifestations” because the nation immediately falls under the judgment of God as He removes his protection and “whap, here comes storms like we’ve never seen before and here comes floods and here comes climate stuff that we can’t explain; all of the hot times and all the cold times and not enough rain and too much rain and we’re flooding over here and we’ve got droughts over here … And today we’re saying ‘oh no, it’s global warming.’ No, we opened a door that lost God’s protection over our environment and that’s our choice”:
Mr. Barton’s insights will no doubt be a great relief to all those climate scientists who have been wasting their time studying the atmosphere and Antarctic ice cores when they should be handing out plastic fetuses from the groovy Fetus Store. He is no doubt waiting for a call from the IPCC so that he can explain this bold new science in greater detail. Let’s hope he takes enough Abstinence Skittles for everyone.

Read more at http://wonkette.com/533627/weird-historian-david-barton-has-science-figured-out-abortion-did-climate-change#hVW2t7C3C7f9SYsj.99