A dating website for married people who want to cheat on their spouses is being sued by a former employee who says she damaged her wrists typing up hundreds of fake profiles of sexy women.
Doriana Silva is seeking $20 million from Ashley Madison for what she calls the company’s “unjust enrichment” at her expense, plus another $1 million in punitive and general damages.
In her statement of claim, Silva — a Brazilian immigrant living in Toronto — says she was hired to help launch a Portuguese-language version of the site and promised a starting salary of $34,000 plus benefits.
She was soon asked to create 1,000 “fake female profiles” meant to lure men to the new Brazilian Ashley Madison site — and given only three weeks to complete the work, the document alleges.
(Seems the sites customers aren’t the only ones getting screwed!! -Ed.)
Man Who Headbutted Bus Charged With Assault!
WHEN is bus shelter not a bus shelter?
When it is the victim of an alleged “assault”.
A man has been arrested on suspicion of assault after an incident at a bus station. Courtney Buses said some services were delayed after a man allegedly headbutted a bus and a bus shelter at 1.20pm on Thursday. A Thames Valley Police spokeswoman said officers were called at 1.22pm and a man was arrested on suspicion of assault.
Is a bus an animate object, a things with feeling that can be assaulted and even insulted?
It could be worse for the head-butter, of course.
Had the bus been under 16 year old, he’d have been charged with child abuse…………….!
(Police suspect alcohol was involved!)
CN freight carrying lumber derails in Saskatchewan!

Another CN freight train has derailed, this time in Saskatchewan near the town of Asquith about 33 kilometres west of Saskatoon.
imagesCAK9V498The RCMP say six cars came off the tracks Saturday evening around 7:30.They issued a statement saying they were investigating, but there was no mention of any injuries or evacuations.
Clean up crews are experiencing large amounts of twigs, saw dust, pulp, termites, and irregular boards and planks spread across large amounts of siding and a creek bad.
Railway officials are warning residents downstream to be on the lookout for sawdust and wood pulp contaminating the waterway and seeping into neighbourhood fields!
Environmental groups also cite of the possibility of ‘dry-rot’ spreading into nearby woodlots!
Word just in to the Naked News department that some celebrity got arrested for drunk driving somewhere or other, and has promised to go into re-hab on Monday!
(We will keep our eye on him to make sure he does folks!)
Give us a break folks……………….., leave the poor slob alone!
A mysterious pro-Rob Ford billboard apparently set up by members of “Ford Nation” is being investigated by SOMEONE in the City of Toronto bureaucracy  for the unauthorized use of the municipality’s logo.

City of Toronto @TorontoComms
The billboard also cites a Bible verse from John 8:7: “Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone,” a phrase that makes apparent reference to anti-Ford protesters demanding that the mayor resign amid revelations about his crack-cocaine use, public intoxication and a bizarre, rage-filled video in which the admittedly “inebriated” mayor says he’s going “to kill” someone.

Through it all, Ford has declined to step down. BUT: “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, under pressure to quit after admitting he smoked crack cocaine and had a drink problem, could enter rehab,” his lawyer says.
Winnipeg Transit’s first articulated buses have arrived!
That’s right folks, interest is so high in the ‘bendy’ buses that people are leaving their cars at home and taking bus rides around the city!
Those people have got to get a life kids!!!!!!!!
All the hoopla about what Alien space monsters would look like doesn’t come close to the real thing boys and girls!
We’ve had movies where they look like giant ants and cockroaches and metallic robots, but if this animal we find right here on Terra is any indication, nothing out there in space would be stranger than some of our ‘home grown’ stuff!