Folks, it constantly amazes me how some groups can live in their own world, without regard for anything we like to call “common sense!”
Oh, there’s the people on the west coast who believe in all that new age stuff, there’s the religious types who get brainwashed by church “doctrine,” there’s various ethnic groups that believe they are superior to others, and of course, there are certain CULTURAL groups that are living in their own land of make believe as well!
With that in mind we nominate as our “Assholes of the Day” Pauline Marois, leader of the Parti Québécois, Pierre Karl Peladeau,  owner of Quebecor Media Inc,. and all the other ASSHOLES who think this is a good idea:
OTTAWA – A consensus is forming Quebec’s separatist premier is loonie if she thinks an independent Quebec would look like la belle province of old right down to the dollar, monetary policy and intact borders.
And based on analysis of the Yes vote after the 1995 referendum, Pauline Marois could easily tap into the gullibility of Quebecers who voted for a divorce.
According to the Special Committee for Canadian Unity, which played a critical role defending the federation 19 years ago, 60% of Yes voters believed they would keep Canadian citizenship, the loonie and continue sending MPs to Ottawa.

The committee’s Brent Tyler said Thursday the Parti Quebecois is “dreaming in technicolour” if it believes a fractured Canada would roll out the red carpet.
5322b7d37623f_preview-620“We’re down the rabbit hole with Alice when she talks about having a seat on the board of the Bank of Canada. Why on earth would the country of Canada agree to anything like that?” he said.
“After separatists have succeeded in tearing the country in two, why would any largesse at all be shown to them with respect to monetary policy?”
(By the way, the latest CBC poll shows 20% of Quebecers are FOR sovereignty, [not sovereignty association) 40% are AGAINST it, and the other 40% don’t give a shit!)
Say goodbye to Hal Douglas!
Hal, who along with “Don” LaFontaine, did all those movie promos we know and love,  passed away at home yesterday,  mumbling about what was coming next!


A round of goodbye messages are following the last Canadian troops out the door in Afghanistan …………., and some of them are rather nasty.
The Taliban’s information arm issued a statement Thursday to followers in Kandahar congratulating its fighters in the rural districts of Panjwaii, Zharey, Dand, Maiwand and Shah Wali Kot claiming that Canada has been defeated and has now fled the country.
“Your sacrifices have brought us freedom. The beacons of your blood have lit the way to independence. Celebrate the victory and freedom from the Canadians as we march to re-gain the country!” said the statement!
Just a thought folks, but this reporter wonders if Somali pirates are now hijacking airplanes?
OR ……………., news for all you “conspiracy” nuts!
Yesterday, Facebook users begin seeing posts that featured a snapshot of an airliner afloat in water with a caption describing it as the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, supposedly “found in the Bermuda Triangle” with Passengers alive!”
There was no such video to be seen, however. Users who did click through on such links were taken to a faux Facebook page which eventually led them down the trail of the usual survey scam, directing them to “like” or “share” links with their Facebook friends and complete online surveys, all with the goal of getting them to enrich scammers by disclosing sensitive personal information, spreading malware, buying products, and signing up for costly, difficult-to-cancel services.
The image accompanying such posts actually shows a Lion Air Boeing 737 airliner that careered off a runway and crashed into the sea in Bali in April 2013 (with no fatalities).

There was an ironic development for a City of Regina crew sent to fix a sinkhole in the the Douglas Park area Friday.
Shortly after a city truck hauling a trailer arrived at the street, another section of road opened up underneath it.
Within seconds, it had swallowed most of the truck and trailer.
Efforts then shifted to getting the truck out.

(Regina roads have taken a beating in recent weeks thanks to a freeze-and-thaw cycle that has undermined the pavement and cracked dozens of water mains.)


 STAR WARS:  The Emperor's Mother!