Both of them revolve around the Indians, and the first is our “Asshole of the Year!”
Thomas Mulcair!
Tom, (as his friends like to call him) said some “nasty, vicious, and extremely personal” (sic)  things about our new Finance Minister Joe Oliver!
Employment Minister Jason Kenney is calling on NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair to apologize for “nasty, vicious and extremely personal” comments against Finance Minister Joe Oliver.
“Mr. Mulcair’s comments were way over the line and I think he should really give some consideration to retracting some of his more deeply personal and inappropriate remarks,” Kenney told Sun News Network in Calgary on Thursday.
Mulcair unleashed a verbal torrent Wednesday after Oliver was sworn-in as finance minister.
“Joe Oliver as a minister was frankly an embarrassment and that he should be named minister of finance for Canada is a real shame,” Mulcair said.
Mulcair also recalled a 2012 speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade when Oliver told the audience that natural resources projects are an opportunity for aboriginals “to transform communities that have been socially dysfunctional.”
The NDP leader slammed Oliver for using the word “socially dysfunctional.”
“His statements on First Nations … were tinted with racism,” Mulcair said.
O.K. kids, let’s see if I got this right!
Oliver said some of the Indian Reservations (Like  Attawapiskat!) are “socially dysfunctional!”
Folks, a lot of these Reserves are NOT “socially dysfunctional,” THEY’RE TOTALLY FUCKED -UP!
Second verse ……………………., same as the first!
We here at Perspective have constantly advocated for the elimination of northern Indian Reserves and bringing the natives down south to where there are jobs and schools and opportunities …………………………………….., but it’s a two edged sword, kids.
We also need them up there to protect our SOVEREIGNTY over the north!
It’s sort of a “damned if ya do” and “damned if ya don’t” situation!