Folks, this sounds like a story I heard on “The Vinyl Cafe,”on CBC radio ………., except this one is real life: An Oklahoma man says he wound up stuck in a storm drain for two days because he was chasing after a $20 bill. The unnamed man somehow fit his way into a storm drain that was just 42 inches in diameter, trying to get the bill he dropped in the drain. He wound up 12 to 15 feet underground, then got lost in the confusing city drain system. A group of high school students ended up calling 911 after hearing the man’s cries for help from deep underground, and police rescued him. His only injury: a bump on the head … but he never did find that $20.
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529We get word from the Perspective Research Department that Ontario is worried Korean-made automobiles will flood the country, putting thousands of jobs in Canada’s auto sector at risk, under the terms of a yet-to-be-announced trade deal between Canada and South Korea.
I don’t like the idea of putting Canadian jobs in jeopardy kids, but as far as the cars go, I’m driving the Hyundai Azera, –> and it’s the best car I ever had! (That includes Volkswagen Jetta’s and Honda Accord’s! I did , however, drive a Hyundai Pony in the 80′s and that was the biggest piece of junk I ever drove!))
The province is more optimistic about other parts of the deal around food processing and agriculture, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said Monday. It will put Ontario back on an even playing field with the U.S. and EU.

imagesFGML3MFAIrish fruit firm Fyffes and US rival Chiquita are to merge to create the world’s largest banana company, worth about $1bn (£597m).
The new firm, named ChiquitaFyffes, is expected to sell about 160 million boxes of bananas annually, more than any rival. “This is a milestone transaction for Chiquita and Fyffes that brings together the best of both companies,” said Chiquita boss Ed Lonergan. (That’s a lot of banana’s folks!)
Two people were treated for bee stings after a car struck a tree and knocked down a beehive in the Los Angeles area on Sunday. The collision caused a swarm of bees to attack several people, including one woman who fled to safety by jumping into a pool.
One of the victims was the 51-year-old woman, who was stung about 1,000 times, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. She stayed in the pool until firefighters came to her aid.
The other victim was a 17-year-old girl, who was stung about 50 times before a sheriff’s deputy forced the bees off her by dousing her with a fire extinguisher.
That deputy was also stung, but not seriously hurt.
(Listen bunky, I could swear I hear this story once already about a month ago ………………, but lately I’m not sure of anything anymore!!!!!)

TORONTO — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who gained global notoriety last year after admitting to smoking crack cocaine while in a “drunken stupor”, was ticketed for jay-walking during a trip to Vancouver to attend a funeral, Canadian media reported on Saturday.
140202-rob-ford-jsw-244p_660;660;7;70;0The Toronto Sun newspaper said Ford confirmed he was issued a C$109 ($97.76) ticket on Friday night by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for disobeying a pedestrian sign.
“I am in shock,” he told the newspaper. “I was just walking across the street about 200 feet from my hotel when I was approached by an officer and told I was jay-walking. I couldn’t believe it. I said to them ‘Am I under arrest?’”
The RCMP and Ford’s office did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment.
The ticket came after social media showed Ford posing for pictures with people at a nearby pub. Ford told the newspaper all he had was a diet cola.
I had a bad experience with a moving company when I moved from Sarnia to London about ten years ago, so this is familiar territory for me!

Two people who said their furniture was held as ransom by a moving company have been reunited with their belongings — more than six months after a move to Ontario from Nova Scotia.
Kim and Dave Lague hired Montreal-based Mega Moving and Storage last August to move and store their belongings, while the couple relocated from Halifax to southern Ontario.

The company, they said, quoted them a price of $1,695 for the moving and three months’ storage while they looked for a new home Chatham, Ont.
Dave Lague said that when he contacted the company to give them the new address, he was told Mega Moving’s prices had gone up and that he now owed them thousands more.
Eight months and $5,000 later, the couple still did not have their things until CBC News found the truck in a Montreal-area leasing company’s parking lot, where it had been sitting since December.
FOLKS, I’ve seen cute kids, precocious kids, irritating kids, and smart alec kids, but I’ve never seen a kid like THIS!
After coming across a lost boy in a park, the Beltran family realized they had never taught their children their parents’ names – they only knew the parents as Mommy and Daddy. Once they learned the Beltrans real names, their youngest son Mateo felt a little empowered. For the most part the parents are still Mommy and Daddy, but when Mateo is serious and wants to make sure his parents are paying attention, they quickly become Linda and Kenneth. Credit: Linda Beltran

My friend Wayne sent this in today, and although I don’t agree with everything this guy says ………….., he sure does make a point folks!