1394658435_stacy-keibler-jared-articleCongrats, again! Just a few weeks after Stacy Keibler secretly married boyfriend Jared Pobre in an intimate beachside ceremony in Mexico, the former professional wrestler and model announced on Twitter that she is pregnant with her first child.
Though Keibler, 34, has known Pobre, 39, for more than five years, the pair didn’t start dating until fall 2013, after she split from A-lister George Clooney last summer. Keibler dated the Oscar winner, 51, for two years, attending numerous red carpets on his arm.
(Stacy is also the youngest of the Keibler Elves!)
I was listening to Van Morrison and saw this comment ………………………, which I would like to repeat!

“Mr. Morrison: Thank you for all the great years of music that you gave us. You are the one and only ..................,   and simply the best !!!

This song not that well known, but it’s without a doubt the ‘COOLEST’ song he does! (After all, he does it in the 'cool room!')
asshole trophyFolks, your otherwise bored and jaded reporter just loves some of these :”Asshole of the Day” stories! If you ever saw the movie “Fargo” this will make sense: FARGO – Fredrick Bohjanen Jr. of Grandin is charged with arson and several other felonies after a Cass County Sheriff’s Department investigation into a string of car battery thefts led them to witnesses who said Bohjanen burned down a rural farmhouse in order to impress a woman.
According to court documents filed Thursday in Cass County District Court, Cass County deputies responded about 9:40 a.m. Oct. 8 to a call about a stolen tractor battery from a farm in Erie owned by Robert Kyser.

Similar incidents had been reported in the area over the past few days, a Sheriff’s Department report says.
Kyser told deputies he saw Bohjanen loading batteries into a truck at his home with his father.
The elder Bohjanen told deputies his son told him the batteries were given to him.
Fred Bohjanen Sr. said he was planning to sell the batteries to recoup some of the money he recently spent on bailing his son out of jail.
Nine of the 25 batteries in the back of the elder Bohjanen’s truck matched the description of the stolen ones, the report says.
Later that day, police executed a search warrant at 210 Main Ave. in Erie, the home of Daniel Hengst, and found what appeared to be a small marijuana grow operation.
A witness, Amanda Hengst, who had recently lived at the house, told deputies that Bohjanen Jr. and Daniel Hengst had set up the grow operation over the past four to five months.
bohjanenShe also told deputies that Hengst and Bohjanen possessed the batteries, which she had recently learned were stolen.
In another interview, Daniel Hengst allegedly told deputies he helped Bohjanen Jr. hide the stolen batteries.

Bohjanen Jr. was planning to sell the batteries to buy marijuana, Hengst said.
Hengst also told deputies he was with Bohjanen Jr. and two women at a farmhouse in Erie when one of the women began asking Bohjanen Jr. to burn down a house.
They went to another farmhouse northwest of Erie, Hengst said, and Bohjanen Jr. set a sheet on fire.
When the home was ablaze, the group drove about a mile away to watch it burn, Hengst said.
Bohjanen Jr. set the sheet on fire in order to impress one of the women, Hengst said.
The four were drinking at the time, Hengst told deputies.
One of the women, Amber Dewald, corroborated Hengst’s story and said Bohjanen Jr. wanted to set the house on fire because it was falling apart.
She said she told Bohjanen Jr. not to set the fire.
Bohjanen Jr., who was being held in the Cass County Jail, refused to be interviewed by deputies and asked instead to speak with his attorney, the report says.
Bohjanen Jr., 26, was charged Thursday with one count of arson and one count of manufacturing marijuana, both Class B felonies, and one count of theft, a Class C felony.
He was also charged with one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class A misdemeanor.
His first court appearance has not been set.
Now this woman would make “Asshole of the day” if we didn’t already have one, but just the same, P.E.T.A. will be proud!

imagesJennifer Jamieson’s kids won’t be making school trips to Marineland anytime soon — and neither will any other students from their class.
The Stoney Creek mother has successfully petitioned Mountain View Elementary school to cancel an in-the-works field trip to the beleaguered aquarium and theme park — and she’s hoping to convince the public board to follow suit and ban trips there altogether.
“This is not some hippie bandwagon stunt. I am a mother [who is] truly concerned for and dedicated towards the welfare of animals,” Jamieson told CBC Hamilton. “I want my children to live a compassionate lifestyle and for society to stop viewing captivity as just another social norm.

“There’s nothing educational about using animals for our entertainment.”
Jamieson first heard about her nine-year-old son’s trip just before March break, and immediately sent an email to his teacher, hoping to change her mind about the destination. Jamieson and her kids are no strangers to protesting for animal rights: her family has picketed at Marineland, African Lion Safari and at Copps Coliseum when the circus comes to town.
The self-proclaimed “animal liberation activist” says she was “delighted” when her son’s teacher responded saying she had decided to scrap the outing and find an alternative. Planning was in its early stages and hadn’t been announced to students in the class, Mountain View principal Jenny Seto-Vanderlip told CBC Hamilton.
Instead of Marineland, students will be going to the Royal Botanical Gardens, folks!

(That’s right, boys and girls, instead of seeing all sorts of cool marine animals, they will look at a bunch of plants and flowers!)
AND FINALLY: Jared Leto almost wore a dress to the Oscars!
In an interview with The London Evening Standard, the 42-year-old revealed that he considered ditching the suit and showing up dressed like his transgender character, Rayon, in “Dallas Buyer’s Club.” He admitted, “I thought about dragging up for the Oscars, going as Rayon, because I knew that she would have loved to be there.”