A storm, which could be the worst of the season, is expected to hit the East Coast late this morning and continue through the night.
During the day 20 to 30 centimetres is expected and a further 10 to 20 centimetres is expected overnight.
Strong winds, 60 km/h gusting to 90 km/h in the afternoon, will blow that snow around. (AND REMEMBER: It’s an ill wind that blows no good!)

WHAT A DAY IS WAS TODAY FOLKS:  Your normally lonely,  forgotten and dejected reporter got mail today from both the Secretary-General of the United nations, AND, the Director of the F.B.I.

Seems the Toronto Island airport might get the green light to expand after all.
untitledCouncil voted last night to get the ball rolling and now comes all the paperwork and assorted bullshit before anything gets done!
WHILE WE ARE ON THE SUBJECT: Anything Toronto wants done, including Subways, Island Airport, Pearson link, etc. etc. had better get approved before the next election, because if Olivia Chow gets in …………., they are talking about turning the airport lands into low rent housing, and closing ALL of the subways and converting them into bicycle paths!
(Drunk and Disorderly!)

imagesIRXDIV9MThe Secret Service sent three agents home from the Netherlands just before President Barack Obama’s arrival after they were found inebriated in an Amsterdam hotel.
The three agents were benched for “disciplinary reasons,” said Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan, declining to elaborate.
Donovan said the incident was prior to Obama’s arrival in the country and did not compromise the president’s security in any way.

We all know what the dinosaur T-REX looked like ………………., right?
imagesT25B5VD0Well, seems Rex had a “mini-me” version of himself that was about two feet tall!
(Doesn’t mean it was a timid sort of thing, it had the temperament of his big brother!)
A dinosaur called Anzu wyliei that scientists identified on Wednesday from fossils found in North Dakota and South Dakota does just that. It had a head shaped like a bird’s, a toothless beak, an odd crest on its cranium, hands with big sharp claws, long legs for fast running and was probably covered in feathers.
vbIt is the largest North American example of a type of bird-like dinosaur well known from Asia. Its extensive remains offer a detailed picture of the North American branch of these dinosaurs that had remained mysterious since their first bones were found about a century ago, the scientists said.
What would someone think if they encountered this creature that lived 66 million years ago? “I don’t know whether they would scream and run away, or laugh, because it is just an absurd-looking monster chicken,” said University of Utah paleontologist Emma Schachner, one of the researchers.

P.E.I. REPORT: The town of Cornwall is developing too many apartments and townhouses, and not enough single family homes, says Tina Lowther.
About 30 people attended a Cornwall town meeting at the Dutch Inn Tuesday night about new development in the P.E.I., and many of them expressed concern about higher density housing.
Several rezoning applications are up for consideration that would allow developers to build townhouses, semi-detached houses and multi-unit dwellings in Madison Heights, an area off Keri Drive, and the new Harvest Hills subdivision.
The rezoning proposals vary, but they share a lack of single family homes.
Also on the agenda was a motion to change “Bingo Night” from Friday to Saturday!

Mantecore, the white tiger that severely injured Roy Horn on a Las Vegas stage over a decade ago, has died.
imagesDYKRSZTLA statement released by illusionist duo Siegfried & Roy on Tuesday said the tiger was put down after all appeals and injunctions were exhausted.
No other details were provided.
(The tiger was sitting on “death row” for the last 12 years while the legal system slowly ground forward with a trial, conviction, appeal, public rally’s against the death penalty, and finally an injunction against the execution, all of which were exhausted ………., as was the tiger!)
: In 1997, when a poll first asked about the importance of faith, 14% answered that religion did not play an important role in their lives.

imagesQ7Y8FZSHReligion was not the main focus of the poll, which included such issues as Obama’s approval rating, and what people think about the economy.
The poll’s findings, from 1995 through 2014, can be viewed here.
Note: In 2012 the WIN-Gallup International Global Index on Religiosity and Atheism registered a “notable decline across the globe in self-description of being religious.” The United States of America ranked 8th out of ten countries experiencing a notable decline in religiosity since 2005.
A Harris poll conducted last year showed that 74% of Americans believe in God — down from 82% in 2009.
UNFORTUNATELY: The overwhelming majority of those who still believe in God, also believe that the world is only 6,000 years old and was created in 7 days!
AND FINALLY: In an effort to keep you “up to date” on all the really important stuff, we have gathered THIS for your reading enjoyment!
Researchers at Northumbria University and the University of Gottingen wanted to know what women look for in a dancing partner, since “dancing ability, particularly that of men, may serve as a signal of mate quality.” But isolating specific dance moves is difficult – facial attractiveness, body shape and even perceived socioeconomic status play a role in how people judge the dancing ability of their peers.
So the researchers set up an experiment as follows: they recruited 30 men to dance to a core drum beat for 30 seconds. The dancers were given no specific instructions on how to dance beforehand, and their movements were recorded via a sophisticated motion-capture system. Each dancer’s 30-second routine was then used to animate a “featureless, gender-neutral” computer-generated avatar. Researchers asked 37 women to view each of the dancing avatars and rate their performance on a seven-point scale.
For a sense of exactly what these avatars looked like, check out the videos below. The first shows the avatar of a dancer rated highly in the study, while the second shows a “bad” dancer.

The difference between the two should be obvious, perhaps painfully so. But how exactly do you quantify what’s going on in each video? The researchers developed a taxonomy of individual dance moves. They isolated three key body regions and the main joints within – the central body, including neck and torso; legs, including knees, hips and ankles; and arms, including shoulders, elbows and wrists. For each dancer, they then measured the degree and type of movement at each joint – speed, size, and variety of movements like bending, twisting and tilting.
They found that women rated dancers higher when they showed larger and more variable movements of the head, neck and torso. Speed of leg movements mattered too, particularly bending and twisting of the right knee. In what might be bad news for the 20% of the population who is left-footed, left knee movement didn’t seem to matter. In fact, certain left-legged movements had a small negative correlation with dancing ability, meaning that dancers who favored left leg motion were rated more poorly. While not statistically significant, these findings suggest that there might be something to that old adage about “two left feet” after all. One final surprise – arm movement didn’t correlate with perceived dancing ability in any significant way.