The Human Rights Commission (naturally) was more than happy to oblige, and so were the courts, so now Mr. Levant is sitting on pins and needles for a few days until a judgement is made on whether he is exonerated …………………………., or has to pay up to a quarter million dollars in legal fees and penalties!
THIS, my friends, is the latest tactic by the far left, and the Muslims, to silence anyone they don’t agree with!
Just as being “politically incorrect” is now a crime in the eyes of certain members of society ……………, so to is giving any opinion that doesn’t follow the “Party Line” of whatever “Party” feels offended!
Saskatchewan lawyer Khurrum Awan, pictured in January 2013, is suing Ezra Levant over blogposts calling him a a liar and anti-Semite.
Toronto — Under cross-examination at the libel trial he launched against Sun News host Ezra Levant, Khurrum Awan, a Saskatchewan lawyer, denied a key plank of Mr. Levant’s harsh public criticism — that he engaged in a “shakedown” or “blackmail” of Maclean’s magazine.
At issue was a meeting in 2007 of Mr. Awan, three other Muslim law students and senior Maclean’s editors to discuss an article the students felt was Islamophobic. Evidence heard so far in the Toronto courtroom has described their request for a rebuttal article, their suggestion of a donation by Maclean’s to a race relations charity, and their threat to file hate-speech complaints with Human Rights Commissions if their requests were denied, which they were.
Mr. Awan was also asked to testify about the striking similarities between the complaint he filed against Maclean’s in Ontario, and the one filed by the Canadian Islamic Congress in British Columbia, for which he acted as a key witness at a human rights tribunal. Another case was filed federally. None succeeded.
Well, here it is folks, after months of investigation, the Perspective Research Department has uncovered massive mis-managment of funds from State coffers!
LAGOS, Nigeria — President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered a forensic audit by international firms into some $20 billion allegedly missing from petroleum sales, following weeks of public outrage and demands by a Senate committee and the finance minister.

1073320-Clipart-3d-Sexy-Blond-Pinup-Woman-In-The-Nude-10-Royalty-Free-CGI-IllustrationIt now seems, according to members of the Perspective Naked News staff , that the money was siphoned out of the country as phony inheritances, and corrupt foreign business ventures to complicit people in North America, who colluded with local officials in a gigantic fraud that covered the better part of a decade.

Jonathan’s announcement came buried in a statement attacking ousted Central Bank Gov. Lamido Sanusi, insisting that his suspension last month was unrelated to his whistle-blowing. Sanusi said the money came from sales made between January 2012 and July 2013 by the state-owned Nigeria National Petroleum Corp. that was not remitted to the treasury. It is unclear whether the money, at a rate of more than $1 billion a month, is still being diverted.
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There’s no other way to explain these twins from Perth, Australia.
They put a new meaning to the word identical because these two literally have everything in common … and by everything, we mean everything.
These terrifyingly identical twin girls attended the same schools growing up, they trained for the same profession, and they have even gone through the same extensive surgeries so that they look even more alike.
imagesCAH6HI7RUnlike most sisters, they share everything, too. Anna and Lucy DeCinque are so close they share a house, a phone, a car, a bed, a Facebook account, a boyfriend, the list goes on.

Wait a minute, a boyfriend? Oh yes. These two are currently dating one guy.
<– (The lucky, if rather exhausted, boyfriend!)
The girls don’t seem to mind sharing one man. “It’s not really weird to us,” explains Lucy. “We have one boyfriend and all three of us share the same bed.”
The girls have been dating the same guy for the last 12 months. They explain that they have been sharing the same double bed for the last two years.
They say it’s no shock that they are into the same guy when they have the same taste in everything else.
Ah, it seems the French are at it again, bunky!
Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois is suddenly trying to steer her campaign away from the theme of independence, just one day after musing how a post-secession Quebec might operate.

jqb105172130_highMarois’s star candidate, Pierre Karl Peladeau, refused to answer several questions Thursday about Quebec sovereignty or any future independence referendum.
For her part, the PQ leader told a joint news conference with Peladeau that she’s running an election campaign, not a campaign on the future of Quebec.

Basically what they were told yesterday was: “You can go if you like, but it will be on Canada’s terms, NOT QUEBEC”S!
That seemed to shut them up in a hurry!
1394738094_seth-rogen-justin-bieber-467Seth Rogen appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live yesterday when he was asked about his recent diss to pop superstar Justin Bieber.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber’s biggest scandals
Following the singer’s January arrest in Miami for drag racing and a DUI, Rogen, 31, tweeted yesterday, “All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of shit. In my opinion, Justin Bieber acts obnoxious, insincere, and ungrateful, and he puts people’s lives at risk. What a piece of shit!”
(Gee Seth, maybe ya shouldn’t be so easy on him! -Ed.)
All kidding aside folks, Justin has to go to jail for a few months to get his head straight again!

A candidate for the Coalition party in Quebec’s election campaign is getting a lot of exposure.
And that’s the naked truth.
A photo of candidate Steven Fleurent has surfaced showing him sitting on a toilet in his birthday suit except for bracelets on his wrists and underwear around his ankles.
AND FINALLY: We have this Canadian story as told by a British tabloid!
A notorious Indo-Canadian gangster was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Vancouver in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
Tejinder Singh Malli, 29, was shot when he attended a gathering in the cities west end, a Vancouver police department statement said yesterday.
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