Dear Readers:
Word comes to us today from the Perspective Research Department that the former province of Quebec held a secret vote last year and separated from the rest of Canada on the first of January, 2014!
untitled (5)According to the conditions (set down by Quebec) they are now a completely autonomous country and have severed all ties with “The Rest of Canada!”
They have outlawed the use of English, or any other language for that matter, and thrown the Charter of Rights and Freedoms out the window, while adopting their own “Charter” and “Laws!”

Quebec chose to keep the Canadian currency, Canadian trade agreements, and also the transfer payments from Ottawa, but rejected any responsibility for their portion of the national debt, or any other obligations.
They have also annexed all of Labrador and put up border controls on both the Maritime and Ontario crossings!
PLUS: A Visa is now required to enter the Province!
Just thought you should know, bunky!
Folks, We have a guest post that everyone should see! This is a story that, to date, only Sun News in Toronto has had the courage to broadcast.
To say that our very way of life is being set aside, that our ‘Canadian’ identity is being eroded, is an understatement.
That our politicians, who lack any semblance of being Canadian, have become complicit in this outrage turns my stomach.
Many people, red-blooded Canadians all, have stood idly by while the manipulations of a foreign religion have inculcated themselves into out our colleges and public places in general and continue to warp our public discourse.
Watch this news video and prepare to become more than a little enraged.
If this is allowed to continue, we are not going to have a country to call our own. It will become a prisoner of a bronze age religion that offers only subjugation and ignorance.
This goes for everyone in North America and all free countries that have, thus far, refused to put up with this stupidity.
How much more do we have to put up with the first century thinking of Islam?
These people are not to be ignored.
Do so at our peril.