Remember that kid molester in Thailand who thought he could avoid detection by “swirling” his face as a disguise…………………, only to find out they “un-swirled” his picture and caught him?
WELL, he’s about due to get released so they slapped him with another ten charges!
(That ought to hold him for a while!)

An Australian Air Force serviceman watches as an Australian Air Force C-17 taxis on the tarmac of the RAAF Base Pearce near PerthRescue ships trawled a new area in the Mediterranean Sea for a missing Malaysian passenger jet on Saturday, as the search for Flight MH370 entered its fourth week amid a series of false dawns over sightings of debris.
Authorities coordinating the operation moved the search north on Friday after new analysis of radar and satellite data concluded the Malaysia Airlines plane did not fly to where they thought, after vanishing from civilian radar screens on March 8.
When asked why they were looking in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy instead of the Indian Ocean, officials acknowledged that there was a slim chance the plane had actually made it that far, but the weather was a hell of a lot nicer, and relief crews could spend their “off time” in Malta!
News from Washington this morning that Putin and Obama are talking about talking!
P.E.I. Report: If you like sour cream, you ought to consider making it yourself.
The stuff you buy in the store comes as-is, but if you make it yourself, you get a fresher product and total control over how thick it turns out.
Gabrielle Taylor, health Minister for Prince Edward Island, explains how easy it is to whip up the stuff and how your choice of ingredients controls the end result:
To make sour cream, you just need buttermilk and heavy cream or half and half. Heavy cream will result in a thicker sour cream, so choose based on the texture you’re looking for. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of buttermilk per cup of heavy cream or half and half and let it sit at room temperature for 1 to 2 days. Don’t worry about the cream going bad—the acid in the buttermilk protects against bacteria. It should last about a week in the fridge.
Making your own sour cream requires a little patience, but it’s clearly very simple. For more creamy foods you can make yourself, check out the full post over at PEI.gov.ca/nutrition
Dear Readers: We get late word from “The Superficial” about your friend and mine ………………., Zac Efron!
Zac Efron Was Just Looking For Sushi. After Midnight. In Skid Row.
Yesterday, word got out that Zac Efron got his ass kicked by the homeless after he threw a bottle at them for some reason when his car “ran out of gas” in the middle of Skid Row. Which doesn’t sound sketchy at all because there’s a perfectly good reason for why Zac Efron was there. He, uh, wanted some sushi. Yeah, that’s it. Sushi. TMZ reports:

zac-efron-hand-in-pants-0409-7-580x435Cops are skeptical, and it’s echoed by Zac’s friends. As one friend put it, “Zac’s a loner. He goes out rarely and the idea of him driving for miles to go to some sushi restaurant in downtown L.A. after midnight is preposterous.”
Several of Zac’s friends tell us the so-called bodyguard is not a bodyguard at all.
(This a picture of Zach getting a handle on things! -Ed.) –>
We’ve confirmed he’s a convicted drug dealer who has been spending a lot of time with Zac recently … despite warnings from friends.
When reached for comment, noted narcotics expert Charlie Sheen said, “If Zac Efron was in Skid Row for sushi, then I’m goddamn Poseidon and vanquish my enemies with a trident. Actually, wait, I do do that last part. Can I start over?”
We will let you, dear readers, give the final judgement on this story, but so far Costco Wholesale looks like our “Winner of the Day!”
Nearly a million jars of peanut butter were dumped at a New Mexico landfill this week to expedite the sale of a bankrupt peanut-processing plant that was at the heart of a 2012 salmonella outbreak and nationwide recall.
Bankruptcy trustee Clarke Coll said he had no other choice after Costco Wholesale refused to take shipment of the Sunland Inc. product and declined requests to let it be donated to food banks or repackaged or sold to brokers who provide food to institutions like prisons.
“We considered all options,” Coll said. “They didn’t agree.”

LET’S SEE WHAT WE HAVE SO FAR: Costco had all this peanut butter from a processing plant that went bankrupt because they had a salmonella outbreak and nationwide recall …………………., SO: They decided not to take any chance of further contamination, and dumped the stuff!
Meanwhile, our “Asshole of the day,” Melinda Joy Pattison, executive director of the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico, on Friday called the dumping of the peanut butter ”horrendous.” She said as long as there was nothing wrong with the peanut butter, her operation would have found a way to store it, remove the labels and distribute it to the people who depend on the food bank.
asshole trophy
“Those trucks carrying it to the dump went right by the front door of my food bank,” she said. “It wasn’t like it would have been out of the way.”
Pattison said peanut butter is a major source of protein and a staple for hungry people. Her food bank places single-serve peanut butter cups in packages it gives to children whose parents rely on its services.
“For it to just be deliberately thrown away is disappointing,” she said.
Costco officials did not return telephone calls seeking comment. But court filings indicate the product was made with $2.8 million worth of Valencia peanuts owned by Costco and had been sitting in the warehouse since the company shut down and filed for bankruptcy last fall.
untitledA woman in the US state of Montana who admitted shoving her husband off a cliff eight days into their marriage has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

<– (The couple during a happier time ….., the first SEVEN days of their marriage!)
Jordan Linn Graham has been convicted of telling her husband that she made a mistake marrying him ……………….,, and then pushing him over a cliff.
(If I ruled the world!) She should just be pushed over the same cliff herself!

imagesGOM78GM9Holy depressing, Batman. Justin Bieber says if he weren’t a pop star, he’d “probably work at McDonald’s or something.”

THAT’S RIGHT JUSTIN……, at the McDonald’s on the west end of town! (Stratford.)

And if ya had kept your nose clean, you might have made assistant manager one day, and got all the good shifts! (Can I get fries with that?)

Instead, your attitude got ya fired, and you now work at Tim’s next door ………………, and play with some shitty garage band on Friday and Saturday nights for a hundred bucks a pop!
Folks, I get some weird stuff across my desk every week, but some of them just seems to stand out from the rest……………………..!
Like this one from Snopes.com
Origins: Our grisly tale begins with this newspaper clipping from December 1993:
FULDA, Germany, Dec 8 (AFP) – An American soldier cut off the head of his pregnant wife’s lover and put it on her bedside table in the hospital here where she was about to give birth, a spokesman at the German public prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday.
The angry husband struck on Tuesday when his rival, a fellow GI in the American 11th cavalry regiment, was phoning the woman from nearby Sickels military airfield.
The first soldier cut off the second one’s head with a knife, then drove to the hospital and showed it to his wife and left it there. The victim just had time to call down the telephone, “Your husband is coming,” the German sources said.
An American army spokesman confirmed a decapitated body had been found in a telephone box at the military airfield. U.S. military police held the first man for questioning. He was not immediately named.
You might think that so gruesome a tale couldn’t get worse, but you’d be wrong.

In December of 1993, Gregory Glover paid the ultimate penalty for messing with another fellow’s wife. His friend, Stephen Schap, didn’t Headhead

take the news of Glover’s wrongdoings all that gracefully, coming as it was from his pregnant wife’s lips with her about to give birth to this other man’s child.
Leading up to this gruesome event was the breakdown of the Schaps’ marriage. Posted to a U.S. Army airfield in Germany,
Sgt. Schap and his wife grew apart over time, a condition Schap was seemingly unaware of, but one with which his wife was all too painfully in touch. Communication broke down, loneliness set in, and a friendship with one of her husband’s army buddies progressed from the platonic to the physical.
Diane Schap asked for a divorce at various times, citing marital breakdown as her reason, but her husband always managed to talk her into trying again. He was unaware (or perhaps uncaring) of the depth of her dissatisfaction and completely in the dark about her involvement with another man. As well, there was the coming child to consider, a child Schap did not know was not
And so the stage was set in early December of 1993. Schap discovered indications of his wife’s infidelity from reading her diary while she was away for a weekend visiting a girlfriend. Though she’d previously asked for a divorce, she’d never mentioned her relationship with Glover. The news in her diary came as a shock to Schap; upon her return he asked her pointblank if she’d been sleeping with his friend. She assured him she had not been, and this assurance appeared to satisfy her husband. He contacted the base chaplain the next day to make arrangements for Diane to return to the States; the two of them had finally reached agreement on a divorce.
Diane was hospitalized on December 7 for complications relating to her pregnancy. It was then that she decided that her husband must be told about the parentage of the child she was carrying. She shared her news with him from her hospital bed, and he initially appeared to take it well. (Since Schap had already resigned himself to the marriage’s being over, perhaps this wasn’t all that unexpected a response.) Within the hour he returned in an agitated state, demanding to know details of who her lover was and where they’d made love.
After this confrontation, Schap left “to pack his things.” In reality he went to seek out Glover. Schap found him in a phone booth on the base, in the process of conversing with Diane. The lovers had been speaking for 5 or 10 minutes, Diane testified, when Glover suddenly swore twice. The second expletive was “cut off mid-breath,” she said. “Then all I heard was the dial tone.”
Glover suffered slight knife wounds in the telephone booth, then tried to escape on foot. He ran a short distance but slipped and fell, and Schap was quickly on top of him, according to witnesses. Schap stabbed his victim 10 to 15 times before beheading him.
We quote Diane Schap’s recollection of the events from her description of them at Schap’s trial:
After checking into a German hospital in Fulda that day, she had been obliged to confess to her husband that she was pregnant by another man.
A few hours later she was speaking by phone with that other man, Glover, a personable 21-year-old soldier who was a friend to both the Schaps. The line suddenly went dead. Now, around a half-hour later, she heard footsteps coming quickly down the hospital hallway. She recognized them as her husband’s.
The door burst open, and there stood Stephen Schap, according to her testimony, his chest heaving, clothes speckled with blood. He was carrying a Head gym bag. “He had the sports bag over his shoulder, and it looked like it was full,” she said.
It was. Her husband reached into the bag, she said, and pulled out Glover’s head.
“He grasped the head in both hands and he tried to push it in my face. I kept screaming and screaming,” she said, sobbing as she testified.
“Look, Diane — Glover’s here! He’ll sleep with you every night now. Only you won’t sleep — because all you’ll see is this,” Stephen Schap told her, according to her testimony.
Doctors who had heard the terrified screams ran to the room. There they found Diane Schap, her face pale with shock, bedclothes spattered with blood. Stephen Schap sat at the foot of the bed, across his wife’s legs. And on the night stand, facing Diane Schap, was Glover’s head.
Stephan Schap was courtmartialed for the murder of Gregory Glover in April 1994. He was found guilty and given a mandatory life sentence.
Barbara “lost his head over a love affair” Mikkelson