A shocked woman in in Caniaba, New South Wales, Australia, found a bloated python inside her Chihuahua’s kennel – with her tragic pooch’s chain dangling from it’s mouth.  (The tiny dog up had been chained up in the back garden the night before to stop it from wandering away.)
Iit ended up as a tasty meal for a deadly eight-foot snake after it slithered into the kennel looking for food.

As the snake hissed, the dogs chain could be seen hanging from its reptilian lips, and it was still anchored to a post!

Mrs Ulyatt said: “She’d actually done the right thing by chaining up her dog, because she lives in an area with wildlife.
(It’s the second time in ten years a dog has been eaten by a snake in the area.)
The wildlife experts were hoping the snake might regurgitate the chain and the dog.

Chihuahua-3241053But the snake refused to give the dog back.
The reptile was later taken local wildlife hospital to undergo surgery to remove not just the chain, but the remains of the dog.
Mrs Ulyatt added: “It’s usually the other way around; the snake comes off second best.
“But in this case, because the dog was chained up, it couldn’t get away.
“It was also a very small dog,” she said!
Yahoo news did  whole full page article on the new Goodyear blimp, including all the features, dimensions, specifications, etc, etc, etc,
The only thing they forgot was a picture …………………………………………..!
After putting the Perspective Research Department, and some of the naked News staff on the case, we managed to come up with a picture for ya!

Seems Kevin Spacey is now in some sort of feud with the Ford brothers!
Rob and Doug Ford complained earlier this week that they were told they could not have their picture taken with the actor when Spacey and Rob Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 2.
SO, Kevin did a quick Photoshop, and  sent them THIS!)

Isn’t it amazing what people will do to pass the time!
Here’s something ya don’t see everyday!
The younger sister of Kim Jong-un has been elevated to a key role in the North Korean regime and is on the verge of becoming Mr Kim’s closest adviser, despite her youth and reported erratic behaviour.
Kim Yo-jong, 24, emerged in the run-up to the March 9 election in North Korea, in which her brother won 100% of the vote in his constituency.

First Nations members are weighing in on the debate over Quebec independence — a hot topic so far in the provincial election campaign.
The head of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador says his people have the right to determine their own future and aren’t bound to the result of another referendum vote ……………………………………., BESIDE THAT, IF SHE KEEPS THIS UP, SHE MIGHT FIND HERSELF SCALPED ONE DAY SOON!

HMCS Protecteur, one of Canada’s two supply ships, was towed to Hawaii from the mid-Pacific in early March, following a fire aboard the ship!
The Royal Canadian Navy said Friday that a decision was made to tow the vessel back to its home port in Esquimalt, B.C. and in an effort to make the best of the situation, has declared that Canadian Navy vessels have been towed into some of the finest ports in the world!

Two Canadians caught taking nude photos at Machu Picchu were arrested yesterday as part of what Peruvian authorities are calling a crackdown on “crimes against nature and culture!”macchu-picchu

Authorities said that if the couple had of been a bit better looking they might have been able to overlook the nudity, but this couple was so butt-ugly they destroyed the natural beauty of the site and scared away the other tourists!